NAC 282/HiCap Subwoofer Connection

I am looking to add one or possibly two subwoofers to my main system and looking for some advice. I have searched across the forum and found some related topics but nothing that quite got me where I want to go. The system is a NDX2/282/HCDR/250DR. I have been advised to connect the subwoofers at the line level, which I believe means coming out of the HiCap.

I have seen DIN to RCA cables, but also saw some mentions of it needing to be “slugged” so as not to damage the HiCap. Is that something that will need to be specially made up? Are these available off the shelf?


I would go for a XPS or 555PS for the NDX or a Supercap for the Nac 282 ,instead of Subwoofers.

If you want to take a line level feed from the Hicap, the leads will indeed need to be slugged with a resistor, which I believe should be 100R. Depending on where the sub or subs will sit, it may be easier to take a high level feed from the back of your speakers. You don’t need fancy cables for this, any basic speaker wire will do. You don’t include details of your speakers in your profile, which may be useful to people responding.

Thanks for pointing that out! Speakers are Dynaudio Contour 20.

In terms of the line level leads if I were to go that route - does that sounds like a custom cable request to my dealer?

Unless you know what you are doing and can make it yourself, then the dealer is your port of call. If the Sub was a REL, you can buy a Bassline blue cable to connect to the amp’s speaker outputs. As I said above, connecting to the speakers may be the easiest way.

I have the same setup with Contour 20s (great speakers aren’t they!!!). I went for back of speaker and works v well with a REL sub. Both REL and Naim told me that the benefits of a Bassline Blue were marginal over the just atripping back the cable that comes with the sub.

I would be curious to know why you have been guided to use line level output to the subwoofer. I have 282/Supercap/300(nonDR). I use the Speakon connections, which are speaker level or high level, to my REL T9i for one channel and MJ Acoustics 200 for the other channel. They are connected to the output of the amplifier. I have used these connections across a number for systems, including non-Naim systems. I think the Speakon connection blends better with a variety of speakers…

Speaker connections won’t work with an active sub will they?! I was also told to take it from the 282 power supply with a special lead, which I haven’t been able to locate. Would like to try just out of interest really.

Edit: I used the sub successfully with my SN3’s sub output

So just checked the manual (who does that?!) and my sub has line level rca inputs and LFE, so that explains that then :roll_eyes:

So it depends on the sub whether you can use speaker connections.

Would like to find a line level cable, or get someone to make one up. Anyone know what the wiring would look like for the resistor?

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