Nac 282 input change

Urgent help please
Wife bought me a Nac 282 preamp and I have ndx2 on din and CD on din which all work fine.
However my REGA comes out on phono and put these into aux 2 on the back.
Nothing coming out, how do I program these inputs to work on phone
Please help as bought loads of records for Xmas
Many thanks in advance

The manual is here

Here is the relevant section. I’m assuming you’ve got a phono stage too between Rega and 282 ?

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I too have a 282 with a phono stage feeding aux2 through the RCAs. But, the manual is what you need.

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I’m afraid you may need one more piece of equipment. While it may just be a matter of changing the input from din to rca which the owner’s manual will correct, there is also a good chance that you will also need a phono stage. Years ago pre-amps routinely came with a phono stage built-in. Nowadays most, including the 282 do not and only a few regas are sold as a package including one. If you don’t have one you’ll have to find if the cartridge is mm or mc and then get an appropriate one. Don’t get discouraged, once its set up just enjoy.

A phono preamp should cost you less than £100 but will it’s only power source.

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