NAC 282 - is this normal?

If I have the volume control manually or via remote on ‘zero’ should I hear any audio at all via my speakers? I could hear female vocals from the speakers at very low level. Mute makes it go away.

Source is LP12 via Linto phono stage. Olive NAP 250. HiCap DR.

Having an odd morning - initally no audio at all from the LP12 which I think was a loose power cord into the Linto. Next I’ve had intermittent audio dropouts playing via the LP12. Can’t see any obvious loose cables.

This is going to make me paranoid.

Always heard something on my 202.

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Thanks mike. I don’t recall my old Nac 72 doing it.

I thought initially I could hear the turntable directly, but it was definitely from the speakers.

Perhaps it was the artist’s penetrating voice - old Shirley Bassey LP!

Just checked my 282, at “0” with nothing playing just some low level hiss with ear to the speaker. With a record playing could just hear some bass from the woofer but still only hiss from the tweeter.I’m assuming a record was playing(?) and not rf interference. Some low sound seems to be normal.

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Yes, LP playing Shirley Bassey belting out some Bond number I think.

I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it before which coupled with the fact I had no audio playing the LP initially concerned me - the Linto has 2 sets of phono outs and I’d been fiddling with a new Chord cable the other day so may have loosened the power cable.

Problem I guess is I’m not certain if it was the Nac 282/HiCap/NAP 250/Linto or cabling causing the audio dropouts, though I suspect the Linto - even with the power cable firmly in I still had a few intermittent audio dropouts.

The 282 is extremely close to the Linto (actually on it!) and I also wondered about RF interference of some kind.

Some volume controls in the pre-amps don’t shut off the sound completely (e.g. especially with high output CDs) - you may note that channels come up slightly differently but then even-up. This is normal.

But if you’ve heard voices/singing absent a live source, this suggests you are getting radio pick up on the vinyl side IME (LW when I had it - some European stations), which can be challenging to diagnose/solve - the starting points are to move the boxes about, check earthings (inc. inside the LP12) and anything else which may be connected to the pre, which may be causing a loop/playing the role of an aerial.

I found it can go away as quickly as it comes - atmospherics and all that.

Thanks HappyListener - I’d occasionally get RF interference on my Nac 72.

LP was definitely playing, it was just odd as the sounds was dropping in/out for maybe 20 minutes.

I hope the loose power plug hasn’t been ‘only just’ powering the Linto as I’d imagine rapid power on/off might affect the electronics. - just hoping I haven’t damaged the switched mode power supply. Funny thing is it’s been sounding brilliant for the last few hours UNTIL I decided to rebalance my tonearm, and it’s no longer as warm - maybe everyone’s now home turning on their TVs and kettles :tired_face:

I can hear Radio Paradise very faintly on my 282, with the volume turned to zero. It appears to come from the mid/bass driver of my Kudos Titan 606s.

What a timely thread. I just noticed that last night on my 282.

I am burning in a new IC for my phonostage, so when I’m not playing records I change the phonostage connection over to the RCA outputs of my ND5-XS and turn the volume to zero. I can hear the ND5 playing through the speakers ever so faintly. I just switch the input since all I care about is signal going through the cable.

Yes. Same on 202/200 and 282/250.

Some ‘bleed’ is quite normal… just use a mute button instead :slight_smile:

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I did check w my dealer and its normal. Even at their showroom. Some kind of minor electrical inteference. I heard it even in my previous non naim system.

Many thanks all. :smiley:

@Alley_Cat Same here, I always have something coming out of the speakers. Volume control set to “zero” means only “very low volume”. It doesn’t mean no volume/sound at all. Don’t worry your NAC is fine:smiley:

Thanks Thomas - I’m just amazed I’d never heard it doing this before.

I still have the mystery of why audio was intermittently dropping out a few days ago when actually playing an LP or two that morning, even after ensuring the plug was secure in the phono stage.

Ditto on my Nova, mute stops it though

Used to get Radio Moscow on the superline, a 470pF plug helped reduce it and moving to Fraim cured it altogether. I get bleed through from on unused channels on my 282 when there’s a signal on another but it’svery low level and is absent where on the channel with the CDX2 connected but idle. These last two are now in my occasional system used for a few weeks a year, including this one, and unplugged the rest of the time. I’ve not really bothered investigating these effects systematically in my main system since upgrading, where I’ve happened to turn the volume up on a channel with no signal I only noticed a hiss at very high level but I may have just not done this to an unconnected channel. The volume has made a break for it on my 552 on one occasion when trying to adjust with the remote and I had to quickly launch across the lounge to stop it, I’m told stray IR can cause this but I haven’t tracked down the source, the nearest compact flourescent is in the hall but would need to be reflected to reach the preamp.

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