NAC 282 Lights On Issue

Hi All

I have the input/mute/volume lights on my NAC282 permanently set to off using the remote control.

The other day while listening the 282 cut out momentarily twice in quick succession.

While it came back on the lights were all on and the 282 had set itself to mute .

Now when I try to turn the display off with the remote it just stays on permanently .

Has anyone else had this issue ?

Is there another way of turning off the display rather than using the remote control ?

Any help would be much appreciated !

Firstly, try turning it off for five minutes and then on again. Also make sure you are first pressing pre on the remote, before pressing disp. The remote is the only way of turning the lights on or off.

Thank you sir .

That did the trick !

Thanks very much for responding so quickly !

At your service.

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