NAC 282 -missing link plugs

Hi folks,
I’ve just unboxed my new toys (NAC 282 + HiCap), but I noticed that there aren’t the plugs link2-upgrade2: are there needed for the correct use of the 282 with only one HiCap?

Please let me know (I’m going to cry)…

If using one Hicap, the link 2 plug must be in place or it won’t work.

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Thanks for your answer: that’s what I assumed too.
Unfortunately the plug isn’t in the box (although they are all new products).

I think the 282 with one HC and no link plug will mean only one channel is powered. I do wonder where these plugs end up. Clearly not in the box when not attached to the amp :angry:

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Thanks for your explanation.
I’m very angry with Naim: they mustn’t delivery incomplete products!

Not what you want to hear, but when I bought my first 72, I bought a spare link plug. When I bought my second 72 same plug was missing.

There is no point being angry. Mistakes sometimes happen - we all make them. I’m sure if you contact your dealer that it can be resolved very quickly. Maybe the dealer has one they could lend you.

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Yes, I agree, but I was very happy to be able to listen to some music in these Easter holidays …
Nothing serious, of course.

I’ve contacted my dealer of course and he is trying to help me (but he haven’t spare plugs or another HiCap).

Have you double checked the kitting bag? If no luck then guess someone missed them out by mistake.

Back in the day, missing bits in the kit bags could sometimes happen if kits were only partially done, usually because some parts were awaiting arrival from a supplier, but then the incomplete kits accidentally found their way into the wrong place for packing with completed equipment.

I’m sure your dealer and Naim will get it sorted out for you ASAP.

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Thanks for the reply, Richard; of course I’ve checked the kit well more than twice, but without success.

I am in contact with the dealer and the Italian distributor to solve the problem ASAP (after the holiday, however).

Happy Easter.

I believe this is what happens… :neutral_face:

Today I received the missing plugs: less than a week for the solution (including Easter holidays).
I’d like to thank my dealer and the Naim Italian service.

Now I have to start the burn-in…


Great news! Enjoy!

Slight hijacking of the thread here. What if anything goes in the Link 2 plug on the 282? In all the examples I’ve looked at in the reference manuals it seems never to be connected other than when the paddle blanking plug is in place. And similarly, when might the Upgrade 1 Link1 plug be acting in its Link capacity?

Apologies in advance to those long-suffering and seasoned members who will be pulling their hair out (even if only metaphorically) at a question which has been answered many times before but my attempts to find the answer have been fruitless / ineffectual.

If you started your NAC282 journey with a Naim amp that has an internal preamp power supply (say a NAP200) then you could power the 282 from the 200. The 200 would connect to the Standard socket and the Link 1 and Link 2 plugs are inserted.

If you powered the 282 from a single Hicap, then this would connect to the Upgrade 1 socket and Link 1 is removed. Link 2 stays in place. The 200 would connect to the 282 via the Hicap.

If you added a second Hicap then this would connect to Upgrade 2 and Link 2 is removed. Alternatively you could use a Supercap instead of two Hicaps and this would connect to Upgrade 1 and Upgrade 2.

All the link plugs do is bridge internal power rails and their removal allows the 282 to use more power rails from external power supplies as part of the upgrade path. 1x24v rail (Standard, both link plugs in), 2x24v rails (Upgrade 1) or 4x24v rails (Upgrade 2)

In all cases the NAPSC is connected.

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I understand the different options for connecting power supplies and the function of the link plugs when those options aren’t activated (I’ve got a Flatcap powering both inputs of my 152), but if for example upgrade 2 is employed, the removal of the link plug leaves the adjacent link 2 socket ‘uncovered’ while the power supply is connected to ‘Upgrade 2’ socket.

So if the only thing that can be inserted in the Link 2 socket is the paddle shaped plug, why don’t they simply have a blanking plug for the Upgade 2 socket and omit the adjacent plug all together?

Indeed – looking at the internal wiring on the Link 2 socket, Naim could have omitted this and used the unconnected L&R pins on the Upgrade 2 socket for this purpose, albeit with a differently wired round link plug for this socket. As you’ve now got two similar looking 240° link plugs, the chance of user error increases as the Link 2 plug would also fit the Link 1 socket and if used here by mistake would bridge power and signal rails (when the Standard socket is being used). You’ve also now got a 240° socket (Upgrade 2) which doesn’t conform to the usual Naim wiring configuration for this type of socket.
On balance, the approach Naim use with the link plugs and upgrade sockets makes a lot of sense (as do most things done the Naim way) for flexible and safe upgrading.

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Hello James

Thanks for taking the time to consider and reply. As you say, it would be bold assumption that it wasn’t the best practical solution to the problem.

I hope in due course to acquire a 282 and want to make sure that I understand the product. It’s going to have facilities which I don’t require / won’t use and there seemed to be the implication that ‘something’ else might use that socket.

Thank you again for your help


People are often unclear about what’s included in the box with any Naim gear, and it’s always a good idea when buying used to ask the seller to clarify, as they may wish to keep something that would normally be included when buying new. For the 282 you would usually get a NAPSC, mains lead, link plugs and remote control.

This is helpful. Naim could do with an update on this;