Nac 282 + Nap 300dr

Is it possible to connect a 282 to a 300dr? I use my 282 with two hicaps. My power is a nap 250dr? If possible is adding a 300dr worthwhile? Or should I upgrade to a nac 252 + super cap and add a 300dr later?


Turntable and cd

It’s perfectly possible, simply connect the two mono Din to XLR leads to Hicap 1. Whether it’s sensible depends on your sources and your speakers. Perhaps you could say (exactly) what these are. If you put full details in your profile it makes responding to questions both easier and more meaningful.

Let’s answer the OPs question as it’s put and not start an interrogation with regard to the rest of the system etc. Simple answer YES and as one very highly respected Naim dealer says on their website “The NAP 300 might be the obvious partner for the 252 / supercap but it is benign enough to smile sweetly with a NAC 282 in charge. In fact a NAC 282 with a SuperCap can make a lot of sense. Where the 250 can be a little hard to please, the NAP 300 seems to be very easy to match to loudspeakers”.

And before folks steam in on the SC issue many 272 users happily paired with a 300.




I’m pairing the 300DR with a 272/555PSDR and love it deeply. I’ve never understood this talk about this and that front end is not good enough. A great amp is a great amp. Period. Then you can always improve in all parts of a system but saying no to a great amp because you are not having best of the best front ends is in my book just stupid. I many times plan to upgrade but as soon as I hit play in my system I’m like “wow, I think it’s not worth the hassle”. I might loose out a lot not upgrading but I’m also thinking that maybe I’m not and maybe the money and efforts upgrading are not worth it (to me). Moving from 250DR to 300DR was a huge upgrade in my opinion. They are quite different though to my ears where 300DR is more “mature”, bit more laidback and grows on you day by day, month by month with (also) great low level volume performance whereas the 250DR is more immediate and “fun” where the 300DR wins in the longer run hands down. 300DR feels more relaxed, more headroom in playback and air around instruments where 250DR can sound bit more pushed. I would compare it a bit like how people write about 282 vs 252 and also a bit how I remember SN2 vs SN3.


Hi @Slamdam In your experience, would you say that the 250DR is more SN2 than SN3, if I interpret your comment accurately? Thanks.

I’d say 250 is more SN2 and 300 more SN3. Generalising a lot but if I were to bundle them together in some form of relationship that would be it.


It’s about priorities

Having recently heard a NAC 552dr against a NAC 282hcdr with a nap500 dr, and to me the 552 was so ahead of the 282, it was a revelation

I would rather have a 552 preamp even with a nap 100 before buying a nap 300

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I would suggest that might depend on speakers. A pair of say Neat Iotas maybe but something more demanding. But many ways to skin the cat.

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Not sure … but a naim preamp upgrade is musically much more worth it than a power amp upgrade

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