Nac 282 too "big" or forward? 202 more suitable?

My system until recently comprised of a 272/XPSDR/ 200DR and Proac Tablette 10 sigs and I was happy with it but decided to upgrade to get access to Qobuz, Roon etc. I bought a used NDX2 and Supernait 3 to run with the XPSDR and Proacs and found this (in my room) to have much less weight than plugging the NDX2 into the 272 as a pre and using the Nap 200DR. I found the NDX2 and 272 as a Pre with the Nap 200DR gave me exactly what I was looking for in terms of a small upgrade and increased functionality.

As I didn’t want to use the 272 just as a pre I then exchanged the Supernait 3 for a 282 and have found that this has given me a much bigger stereo image, is very forward and has also now resulted in blurring of some high frequencies and boominess in tracks that didn’t previously boom due to room interaction - basically sounds bigger but significantly worse than using the 272 as a pre. The 282 is used and I don’t think these effects will settle down.

I don’t want to throw good money after bad but am thinking that to get close to the sound I liked - NDX2 / XPSDR/272/200DR a 202 with Napsc would be most suitable to “shrink” the soundstage a bit and reduce the room interactions?

Has anyone had any similar experiences when changing pre-amps?

That does sound a bit strange. The 282/200DR is a great combination and should sound wonderful with the NDX2/XPSDR. It’s quite common to have to move the speakers a bit when changing amplifiers, so maybe you should try that. Are the speakers pointing straight at your head? If so, less toe in might help. Try them pointing straight ahead and then toe in just a bit. Are they on really good stands?


I guess the 272 sounds closer to a 202 than 282 if that’s your description. I have owned the 202 for about 8 years before upgrading to 282. I have both 202 and 282 with me for about 1 to 2 years and was able to compare both at length with NAP 200 and NAP 250DR during that period. It’s true the 282 sounds larger than life than a 202 with a more forward and dynamic presentation, and that’s what you experienced in your system. The 202 sounds flatter and more neutral, less forward, sparkle and excitement.

Perhaps it’s a case of getting used to a new sound with the 282. Nevertheless, if you still can’t warm up to the sound after making some adjustments to the system such as speaker placement, perhaps revisit your previous 272, or the 202. A minority of users here prefer the 202 to 282, perhaps in the ratio of 1 to 100.

Good luck.

Hmmmmm. This is perplexing. How old is the 282? Has it been serviced recently?

I would also disconnect and re connect everything and then play with speaker positioning.

I’d expect the 282 to trounce the 202 which is not a great amp in my experience.

Are you powering the 282 from the 200DR? I wouldn’t. Get a HiCap DR for it.

I had a 282, HC, 250-2, then had HC/250 serviced to DR. Either way, I never experienced any of the ill effects you mention. See if you can borrow a HCDR. That might resolve some things.

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I recall a demo where we moved from 202 to 282 and from the very first few bars of music a smile spread across my face. There was so much more of everything and the vocals were stunning.
The bass was also far more tangible and along with the extra weight there was an increase in detail. There was a feeling that the performer was in the room.
However, all of that energy may well be highlighting a room issue in your case. That might not have been a problem with the 202, but the 282 could just be providing the room with a perfect excuse to frustrate you. Although I would say the 282 needs the HiCap at least that may only increase your problem at present.

I speak from experience in respect of room issues and having just moved my system into a new home, I am busy trying to understand whether it is the springy floor or the plasterboard walls which are producing a low bass resonance which is pretty much intolerable.

Try experimenting with the speaker position as others have said. Your speakers probably aren’t too fussy to position but a few inches can make a difference.

Hope you get it sorted as the 282 is a great preamp and should be a huge leap up from the 202.

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Thanks for all the replies. The speakers are on Falcon Acoustic stands and can’t really be moved and the 282 is only a couple of years old. I’m going to persevere - 90% of music sounds fantastic, it is the 10% with the high frequency blurring that I need to sort out. I’m going to do some research into REW and measure the room as think that high frequency reflections seem to be easier to sort with room treatment than bass issues.
Thanks again.

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Hi Mungochatney, I had a similar experience when I added a superCap to my 282, it sounded much better than the HiCap it replaced, but it had an annoying edge to the sound that just spoiled my listening. One forum response pointed out that I needed to have my signal and mains leads separated as much as possible. I had got a bit sloppy and not sorted that aspect out and the SC and it was highlighting those effects. As soon as I made I sure the leads were at least one or two cm appart and the mains in particular were away from my interconnects the edginess went. I’m now a happy bunny!
Best wishes Amer


Too much speaker toe in can cause this. The 282 opens the window wider than the 202.
I put a Supercap on an 82 and then had to reposition speakers du to increased bass levels.

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I demoed 202 and 200 a few years ago and it did seem very flat and recessed sound stage. I do like a forward presentation so I decided to stick with my current system. Perhaps a 282 would have made me think again!

I’ve just moved from 202 to 282 and can say I’m very happy overall. Think I’ve had the 202 for about 6 years but for the last few months I felt there was something missing. Mostly from the bottom end.
The problem with moving up is that it involves thoughts of more boxes, better boxes, better cables and more expense.
The 282 is powered by the 200 and I really like the change in sound. Warmer, deeper, crisper and more enveloping.
I’ll enjoy what I have until the next itch needs to be scratched.


I have been thinking along a similar path for awhile but always had the impression the 282 was brighter and much more forward than the 202 but your comments have raised my curiosity again.
Can I ask what the rest of your system is just as a guide, thanks.

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Currently using nd5xs, cd5xs, 282 with napsc2, nap 200, linn cables and PMC db1i. The only difference before was the 202 and that was hooked up to a napsc2

Some of the additions I’ve made over time have made little or no difference to me audibly. Having toyed with upgrading the 200 and or adding flatcap, hicap/s, supercap I’m pleased with new addition. Scouring the forum it was the general consensus that the preamp was the upgrade to be made.
The sound from the 282 was slightly overwhelming at 1st which took me by surprise. For me it was money well spent.

Thanks for that, I think it’s the overwhelming bit that bothers me a little, my system can have an edge at times, track dependent, frustrating at times as when it’s on song the system sounds wonderful to my ears.
I did spot a local dealer listing an ex-dem 282 might be worth trying to get a loan to try at home, cost is having an impact as well, to change from a 202 to the 282 is a considerable cost, well for me anyway.
As you pointed out the forum do suggest the 282 is the best option moving forward, if I hadn’t recently added an Nd5xs2 and a hicap dr the new 222 probably would of been an option, at least cost wise not sure how the two variations would compare in regards to performance.

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I would try the 282 with a HiCap. Careful attention to cable dressing and racking will enable you to get the best out of your 282. It should be alot better than a 272 or 202 especially with the hicap or 2 hicaps or better still a Supercap.

If you can perservere with the 282 it will be worth it. May be interesting to try a 250 as well.


It’s all down to personal preference. If you can home demo a 282 for a while that would be an excellent way to go.
All my kit has been purchased blind and used.

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I’ve followed your threads on the forum with diligence since I’ve joined. And taken heed of moves forward. I think we’re on a similar naim wave length.
The grand scheme is higher but for now I’ll enjoy what I have. But keeping one eye open for highcaps and supercaps

Can’t comment on 222. :man_shrugging:t3: