Nac 282 unbalanced channels

Hello guys. I am writing to you because I have this problem. my system consists of: nac 282 and hicap dr, nap 250 dr, ndx2 and supercap dr. The nac 282 has just been added. I noticed that channel n 2 at low volume is heard less than channel one. It’s not just a question of volume, even the low frequencies are more deflated than channel 1. By raising the volume the situation improves, but the bass remains poorer. I tried to do all the tests (crossed the power cables, changed the power cables, changed the signal cables). From my tests I thought it was the nap 250, but connecting the 250 to another preamplifier there was no imbalance. At this point I think it is the 282. I have read about problems with the Alps Blue potentiometer. Anyone have any more info? Thanks

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I have the same exact problem - similar vintage of nac 282. I know there is channel
Imbalance at lower volumes in general but this seems a little too much to me too. I’ll be calling my dealer tomorrow.

will you let me know what he will tell you? mine is new, and it seems to me that with use the situation is improving.

I had the issue last night and this morning + but issue went away this evening…
Maybe it’s a break-in thing…

I am waiting for the supercap dr in days to feed the 282 instead of the hicap. after adding the supercap i want to see if anything changes

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It’s the pots used. They are very high quality but left and right are alternately keyed. There can be a noticeable inbalance on the first couple millimeters of travel but it should not be noticeable after that.

I had the imbalance all the way to 10 oClock

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The same as mine - have a local dealer been checking

I’ll keep an eye on this to see if the issue reoccurs. I mostly woudn’t notice it since I don’t sit in the sweet spot and listen to stuff quitely, but it became super obvious once I added a subwoofer and the EE switch to the mix. The EE switch allowed me to play at higher volumes and then the issue was very obvious.

Let us know whether the addition of SCDR is better in ‘all respects’. Last time around, it felt that it was better, but really was only interesting if the next stop is a 252.

Of course, I’ll let you know. I’m waiting for the supercap for next week. In the beginning it was more evident. now it seems less, but still at low volume there is a small failure. Let’s see …

Added the SCDR to my 282 at lunchtime. Greater control and authority immediately evident. The slight stridency of the 282 with HCDR is gone but without losing the ‘pep’ the pre is renowned for.

The little cues of timing, detail, timbre etc are more present to convey a more realistic picture of the replay.


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Does this unbalance switch from side to side as you increase the volume or is it always towards one channel? Sometimes the balance knob gets put on a spline or two off centre, easily rectified, except on a 552, that was a pain to adjust and needed a surprisingly large spanner. I reckon someone in QC is going deaf in one ear. :grin:

Hello. in my case it is always on the same side of the canal. or on the left channel

switch to mono and centre the image with the balance knob, then switch back to stereo. Leave the balance knob alone after that if you can but if it bugs you having it off centre then it can be prised off and repositioned. There is a wire for the LED which needs to be oriented correctly to allow full rotation and this will be damaged if put under tension so maybe let your dealer take care of this operation if you’re not confident. I did the 282 myself but I asked the dealer round to adjust the 552 which has a different arrangement and requires the case to be opened.


Back in the late 90’s when I owned an 82/hi/250 my dealer came around with a SC and another hi cap.
With 2 hi caps there was some improvement but I heard a big improvement with the SC… and it was brand new. I bought it on the spot. A big upgrade in my opinion. I would guess the SC DR would be a similarly large upgrade with the 282.

i hope :slight_smile:

ok, in your original product list, you said Supercap and Hicap but you haven’t installed the Supercap yet?
What does your Naim dealer say about this issue? They made all the money selling you this 282, and perhaps whole system and you come here for answers?

the supercap will be installed in a few days and together with my seller they have decided to wait and see what will happen. with use it seems that the 282 is settling itself. after the addition of the supercap, we will decide together what to do and, if necessary, send it to naim.

in the first message I wanted to write xps dr and not supercap dr