Nac 282 vs 252

The 282 has oodles of drive and dynamism and it could be considered excellent value for money. The 252 is the moniker of division: the Marmite in the Naim line up. Let your ears decide: listen without bias or expectation. Only you can really decide whether it floats your boat.

It took me a while to appreciate the 252 but its nuances leave a lasting impression. Some consider it be the epitome of refinement whereas some may find that it lacks engagement. Each to their own.

From my experience the 252 is relaxed in its approach and composed by nature. It could reveal a new level of understanding given the right circumstances: be prepared to match it with a suitable source. Allow it to perform on stage supported by Fraim and you may begin to realise that there’s so much more waiting for the discerning listener or you may realise that you need to go no further than the 282. Take your time. There’s no need to hurry. Enjoy the journey.


Interesting last paragraph MDS. I have always found preamp upgrades more significant than power amp ones. I have suspected for some time that there are those that prefer one over the other when system building. Using SBLs for 30 years my experience has not been speaker dependent in terms of loading.


The NAP 500 (DR or Non DR) has this unique quality of being effortless, and doesn’t sound stressed at all when the volume goes up.

It seems that this is due to the NAP500 being a bridged amp, in effect the current from the speaker does not flow back into the negative terminal (and to the signal earth)

It sure seems to work to my (and many others) ears, a wonderful amplifier, but at a price.

It is good to know that even with the Focal electra being quite a high sensitivity speakers the Nap 500DR easily showed it’s superiority over the NAP 300 DR, I always thought it was more about sound quality than current and watts with the upgrades in the Naim power amps.

I often think about my end goal of reaching 552/500 DR, the cost of it holds me back. Someday though…

The problem with the NAP 500 is just moving the thing. Funny though, in strictly sonic terms this shouldn’t be an issue, but I would really love to have one in my rack. Similarly part of my reason for keeping the CDS3 is the aesthetics. That smoked lid is superb.



The CDS3 is the best looking CDP Naim have produced IMO. The CD555 is brutal compared to it. Bloody heavy too.

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The CD555 is breathtaking - almost literally! - in its performance. @Polarbear of this parish system with the 552/500 and Titan 808s is just awe inspiring.


Marmite is a good way to discribe the 252

Sadly …I found I ultimately was a Marmite disliker…so had to sell mine…

I agree with much of that. The 500DR can create an enormous sound-stage with visceral impact. That said, it’s ability to work its magic at low volume levels has also impressed me, and it far better than the 300DR at that. I hadn’t expected that benefit and really appreciate it.

so a 72 replaces it?

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