Nac 282 with supernait 3

I added a NAC 282 to my SN 2 last June and felt it was quite an uplift over the preamp section in the integrated. I was planning to add the NAP 250 DR about 6 months or so later but my dealer had a 2 year old 250 DR traded in about 6 weeks after receiving my 282. My dealer offered a great trade in on SN 2 and price on the used 250 DR so I was happy to snap it up.

I noticed in your profile you have a Hi Cap DR on your SN 3 so you are good to go with the NAP 282.

I could have lived with the NAC 282 with the SN 2 for a long time since I found the improvement to be substantial. …or course, my room, my system, my ears.

Go for a demo at a dealer showroom and then a home demo if you can.


Don’t forget that the 250 has no power supply for a Pre-amp… So you need one, such as a HiCap.

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The OP lists a HiCapDR in his profile so I assume that this will be retained to power the 282.


Correct me when I’m wrong, but I thought you always need a HiCap (or SuperCap) for the 282 to work with a SN3. A least I’m not aware of a possibility that the SN3 can deliver power to the 282.

But ontoppic, the 282 works very well with the SN3 (and HiCap). The 282 pre is so much better then the pre in the SN3. I’m suprised of the poweramp in the SN3 after starting to use the 282. At the moment I’m using the SN3/HiCap/282 combo. Impressive proposition. I’m very curious of what the 250DR will bring into the game. It´s on order.

You can power a 282 from the SN3 power amp in socket. It has a 24v rail on this socket.

Looks like he has. Even easier to connect the 282 as he already has all the cables. Leave the SNAIC4 between Hicap and SN3 as is and just take the SNAIC5 that’s connected between the Hicap and SN3 and connect it to the 282 Upgrade 1 socket (remove round link plug) instead of to the SN3.


Sorry guys just to clarify again. The SN3 has some different connection options.

If ever i decided to get a 282/200 combo (without hicap) and if i have a SN3 already, i can run a 282 straight off the SN3 for the timebeing ( without a hi cap) .

Then get a 200dr replacing the SN3, which will then power the 282?

I was always convinced i would need to get a 282 and 200 at the same time to make it possible. Its great if you can get to a 282/200 in stages.

On thst basis , should a 282/200 sound better than a 282/sn3 in power amp mode?


Both the SN3 and 200DR provide a single 24v rail on their DIN4 socket (power amp in socket on SN3, input socket on the 200) which can power the 282 via its Standard socket.

So, yes, you can power the 282 from the SN3, and then replace the SN3 with a 200DR without needing a Hicap. Of course the 282 will benefit from a Hicap or Supercap further down the line.

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I was unsure if the SN3 had a powered socket - but pleased to learn that it has. More options…

I had not spotted that the OP already had a HiCAP - sorry… bad… mine… :confused:

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In 2015/2016 i used 282/HC-DR into Nait XS, later i upgraded to 250-2
If better than SN3 is down to you, for me the 200 is a very fine amp, i personally prefer it to 250-2, although 250DR may be a different story

Thanks for your replies, I have decided to keep the supernait 3 to use with the nac 282. I will of course see how it goes and may upgrade to the 250dr at a later date. :+1:


Thanks alot James. Good to know.

Of course use with additional power supplies would aid performance, but looking to reduce box count, or hoping for a reference version of SN3 at some point, or alternatively, a third party integrated like the Osiris or Hegel 590.

I suppose one thing to consider is that the SN3 (as a power amp) and 200DR are probably going to be uncomfortably close on SQ and both can provide a single rail 24v DR supply to power the 282.
Of course keeping the SN3 as a power amp is probably not a long term solution (from a redundancy of function point of view) and a 282 / 250DR combo would be a real step up. This also needs a DR Hicap or Supercap which if you’re concerned about box count…

Hopefully that 500 series integrated is developing nicely. There are a few of us who would be very tempted in this approach🤞


Guys, I suppose this also means SN2 can do the same thing? This is quite news for me, I was not aware my SN2 was able to power a separate preamp, without an external PSU.

I moved from a SN 2 to a NAP 282 > SN 2 configuration as noted in this thread earlier.

Hi SK, yes, I have followed your upgrade path, as we seem to have affection for a certain speaker brand, but I always thought, or probably presumed you always had a HiCap to power the 282. Thanks anyway!

I had a HiCap DR on my SN 2 for the pre-amp section and that moved over to power the NAP 282. If running the SN 2 without a HiCap then that cost has to be fit into the equation when picking up the 282 and can be a roadblock. So if you are thinking of heading down the separates road you may consider adding a HiCap to your SN 2!

He’s not alone! lol

I believe you’ll need an external PSU like the HiCap to do this as the 282 needs it. Not sure about the 202 however. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

I am… Same as 282. Needs a supply… :astonished:

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