Nac 282 with supernait 3

Guys, I suppose this also means SN2 can do the same thing? This is quite news for me, I was not aware my SN2 was able to power a separate preamp, without an external PSU.

I moved from a SN 2 to a NAP 282 > SN 2 configuration as noted in this thread earlier.

Hi SK, yes, I have followed your upgrade path, as we seem to have affection for a certain speaker brand, but I always thought, or probably presumed you always had a HiCap to power the 282. Thanks anyway!

I had a HiCap DR on my SN 2 for the pre-amp section and that moved over to power the NAP 282. If running the SN 2 without a HiCap then that cost has to be fit into the equation when picking up the 282 and can be a roadblock. So if you are thinking of heading down the separates road you may consider adding a HiCap to your SN 2!

He’s not alone! lol

I believe you’ll need an external PSU like the HiCap to do this as the 282 needs it. Not sure about the 202 however. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

I am… Same as 282. Needs a supply… :astonished:

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The SN2 will work in the same way as the SN3 in Power amp mode. You can power a 282 (or 202) from it without needing a Hicap.

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Certainly using a 282 with a sn3 would be illogical long term in every sense. As the sn3 is more expensive than a 200dr anyway, you’d be losing out financially if you held onto it and purchasing a 200 dr to follow would certainly be a little easier on the wallet.

Looking at the innards of the 200 , one would hope there would be a worthwhile increase in performance over the sn3 in power amp mode, despite 10 less watts. It’s listed as an upgrade path on the sn3 interestingly. Either way it’s good to know the upgrade path from a sn3 to 282/200 can be done this way now.

Yes there is a growing band of support for a reference/500 integrated on the forum, so lets hope one day Naim will consider a design to open up different options for its existing users and potentially attract new customers turned off by the multi box approach. An £8/9k price point would preferably suit me.


You can not power a 282 with an SN 2 or SN 3, the NAP 282 does need a HiCap, 2 HiCaps or a SuperCap.

You can use a 200 power amp as well, but James talks a lot of sense normally. This is going to be interesting !

James is correct, the Supernait power amp input includes a 24V output which can be used to power a preamp.

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Something I did not know since everything I read in the threads earlier indicated that a power supply was needed. Checking the manual, section 4.8 it reads, " 0. If a SUPERNAIT 2 is to be used as a stereo power amp only it must be configured to operate in power amp mode:…"

My apologies to @james_n and @roda for posting incorrect information.


No worries at all. I didn’t know either ! I certainly learnt something.

James and Chris are extremely knowledgeable and helpful on here.

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And Seekayaker too for that matter.

Ok last track on ‘All things must pass’ and then off to bed.

It all gets a bit confusing, but it’s there buried in the manual, although I admit I’ve never tried it!

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Sometimes you just need the legendary Chris and James just to make it crystal clear.

Keep up the good work guys.


I had made the comment about the NAC 282 being “quite an uplift” earlier. That statement was made with the NAC 282 being powered by a HiCap DR and not via the SN 2 only. Only mention since the NAC 282 improvement in the sound may be different from what I experienced when I upgraded since I had a HiCap DR on the SN 2 and moved it over to the 282.

Hopefully you have the chance to demo and hear how the system performs.

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Well, it just goes to show. I had a SN2 and thought you could only power a Naim phono stage from it……

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No worries :+1: