Nac 282

I am considering upgrading from Nac 82 to 282 but wonder if it’s better to wait and see if Naim upgrade their pre-amps in the near future, following the introduction of the revised integrated XS3 and SN3. I’m not wishing to ‘set hares runnng’ but any views out there?

I upgraded from a 82 ending up with a 252 three years ago a lot of talk then of new models but glad I never waited.

Very difficult with Naim to judge when new models will be announced therefore very difficult to advise either way.

You will never know until it happens. Could be this year. Could be in 10 years. There are those that argue the Classic NACs all got refreshed in 2012 when the power supplies got DR technology.

I don’t fully subscribe to that. I think it gave them a shot in the arm but not a full refresh.

As to 82 to 282 though, here are my thoughts:

  • Regardless of whether a new 282 comes out tomorrow or not, a current 282 will sound just as good as it does now. It only sounds worse in your head if you crave the latest thing.
  • Personally (and this is a controversial opinion) I do not believe in upgrading to the next generation of the same model anything. Be it cars, hifi, whatever. Yes they may be better. Even a lot better. But in terms of range, it is still a sideways move. With that rationale, I’d not go from an NDX to an NDX2 but to ND555 or wait another 5 years and skip a generation to an NDX3. So to me, an upgrade to an 82 is a 252 or a hypothetical 382.

Feeling zen, I went from a NDX to a ND555 an astonishing difference in my system indeed.

I agree that it’s hard to guess what Naim will do, but if you look at the SuperNait 3, the two biggest things seem to be a MM phono stage and an improved power amplifier.

I wouldn’t have thought it likely that they would include a MM stage in an improved 282 as most buyers of a unit that expensive will want to use MC. And there is no power amplifier in a 282 of course.

So my guess is that refreshing the 282 isn’t going to be a priority for them.



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I used to have an 82 and asked Naim about upgrading to a 282. Basically they said there was little point and to get the 252. I did that but didn’t really like it so sold it and got a 552, which I did like. Getting a 282 because it’s a visual match with the current boxes is of course legitimate but I wouldn’t expect a massive sonic leap.

As for when a ‘new’ 282 might appear, that’s anyone’s guess.

Having heard a 552 vs Statement S1 recently, the Statement does comfortably better the 552, but at a price of £30 k extra. Difficult to see why Naim would overhaul the preamps under the S1 and bring everything closer to it SQ wise?

But then, they are just as likely to be working on S2 as they are revamping the Classic preamps, for all we know.

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I’d really like to see a headphone stage in any upgraded pre-amps.


Noting the replies above I’d suggest the answer depends on whether your 82 is needing a service. If so trading it for a s/h 282 wouldn’t cost much more and ‘kill 2 birds with one stone’…

Thanks for all the replies and plenty of good advice there. My 82 is a Pilots 8 model and has been serviced but I don’t know when or by whom. It certainly sounds good and when it needs a service Class A have a quick turnaround and competitive prices.

Had basically the same type of question 1 year ago but the opportunity to buy a 552 at a discount presented itself. Very glad I did. A whole year of enjoying it and still no updated pre-amps.

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I tend to agree! But on the flip side: I’m really not a hockey fan but recently I overheard a commentator eluding to how the great player skates to where the put is going, as opposed to where it is! Linn & Naim have adjusted to this postmodern era.

Linn discontinues it’s 20K player
Naim files suit

Linn goes whole heartily into streaming
Naim files suit

Linn downsizes, … Networks with Kudos
Focal/Naim files suit

Linn discontinues its LP 12?
Naim restyles it old school separates?

I think not!

With that being said, Linn is skating their Arrse off!

I’m an old fart who happens to love old school!

Enjoy Your Music, The Why!

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@Allante93 - very profound.

I doubt the 282 will be updated any time soon - what to? Further, I doubt it will sound much different/better?



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@Allante93 , are you sure you mean to say “files suit”. I would guess you meant to say “follows suit”…?


Very litigious those Yanks :wink:

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I tend to agree. The CB pre amps were what they were, the Olive pre amps the same and now the ‘Classic’ series. I guess a change may come when they change the Classic look for the next generation of products. When that comes who knows. The 282 is a great pre though and I would dive right into the ownership!

That’s what I love about the forum. Not only is it informative, but educational also. My vocabulary is burgeoning! The forum is well aware, that english is not my strong suit! Especially the Big Fish!

Back to the Music Room!

If you get a chance, check out Blue Niles new release. Tinsel Town! I think! LOL☺

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That will be Tinseltown in the Rain. It’s a great song, from the A Walk Across the Rooftops album released on Linn Records in 1984.


Yes, a great tune! I just purchased the new released version.

5052442014935 BLUECD1
2018 Confetti Records

Noticeable difference in sound compared to the original version.

plus unreleased bonus tracks! So so…

Question HH:
Would this CD be considered Hi Res, or just Re-Mastered!

Grace Jones has the following on the CD:

High Definition
96KHz / 24-Bit

Slave To The Rhythm
Don’t Cry

Excellent job on alternating channels etc…

Thanks In Advance!

Inky Darkness, Dark Inky ???