NAC 32 input specifications

Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a NAC 32/SNAPS/NAP250 system from a friend’s estate. The system is driving a pair of DMS Isobariks and the current source is a LP12 with Ittok LV II and klyde cartridge.

Anyway, I am very pleased with the system (it was very well maintained and set up) but I would like to try connecting some of my other sources.

This leads to four questions:

  1. I noticed that the inputs specify 74mV? As most of my digital sources output closer to 2V RMS over RCA I wasn’t sure if I would require an attenuator for gain matching, or if this does not mean what I think it means?

  2. For the input signal pins/path is there any difference between tuner and tape inputs?

  3. Speaking of leads… Does Naim still produce the old style locking din to rca cables or should I be looking in the aftermarket/custom world?

  4. Is there somewhere I can find the specs for the MM input? I have a second turntable with a cartridge that is very sensitive to capacitance loading (Dual with M97ex) and would like to determine if I should use that stage or my current external phono stage. It looks like the LP12 won’t play 45s…

(All of the above was typed on my phone so hopefully the Linn names are pareseable after “autocorrect”)

Welcome Brad.

Re. the line level inputs, these will take any modern line level source, even digital with its 2V+ output. The line level inputs overload at around 7V so there’s plenty of headroom.

AFAIK Naim don’t supply the old style latching DIN leads any more. However, you can use the later Preh locking collar types. You just need to wind back the locking collars and they fit just fine (won’t latch though, obviously).

If you’re running a Klyde with the NAC32 then I would guess you have NA323 MC boards inside. Do you have two sets of phono boards inside? If so, the second phono input may have NA322 N MM boards. It’s worth opening up the pre-amp to see. If it’s a later extruded sleeve NAC32 be careful not to damage the fascia when you slide the inner sled out of the outer sleeve. The NA322 N boards have a 2mV sensitivity and 47kohms with 470pF capacitance.

The LP12 can be made 45rpm compatible with the 45rpm adaptor kit from Linn. However, better to use a dedicated supply that offers 33.3 and 45 rpm switching. Plenty of options here to suit all budgets from the Hercules (onboard and off) to Heed Orbit, to secondhand Lingo upwards. This should improve overall performance too.

Thanks for the information!

Yes I looked inside and see 323 and 322 boards for the two phono inputs. I don’t see any letters after 322.

I did not realize that the power supply upgrades for the LP12 can add 45 support. Guess there’s more spending in my future :wink: (That turntable appears to be capable of happily consuming any amount of money you would like to throw at it :joy:)

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