Nac 323E cards

Were these standard when produced? K and S versions being the most popular, or are they only available modified from the K or S types?

E Boards were made - new - as both 323 and 523. E is for EMT.
Also sometimes known (and marked) as R boards. R is for Roksan.

My 323 E’s were bought like that. My 523 E’s were converted from 523 S’s.
Conversion is possible between S, K & E, I believe.

FAQ here:

I’ve sent some 323s to Sheffield. But Darran was struggling to get the changes required out of Salisbury. I wonder if the E type were a standard fit to the 323 boards. If so, wondering what the issue could be?

It took Darran a while to get the info - and parts - from my 523 E’s, from Salisbury.
He needs the circuit diagram & the (correct) parts.

Likely to be similar for 323 E’s, I think… :thinking:

What I thought. I knew you’d been around this issue. And assumed the design was the same, and hence the kit list required.
Perhaps there is more to it? ( struggling to work it out if there is)

The 323 and 523 boards are not the same. So, to do a set of 323’s, Darran will need the 323 circuit & the parts to convert to E spec. Mine are 523’s.

As I said, it took a while for Salisbury to get Darran what he needed. Then when he got the parts, one was wrong…!!

Confusingly, I also have a set of 323 E’s (in my 72) - but they were built like that. I bought those to test the concept.

I remember the trouble you went through with your 523 cards. I was a bit worried that the 323e cards were a modification after the last cards were made. But from what you say, 323es left the factory as such. I’ll have to hope that the factory get back to Darran soon.

Salisbury should be able to find the drawings… and the parts.
But… it could take a while…

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And the panic is now over. 323s serviced and returned as 323e versions. Into the 72 and fired the P6 and it’s high output DV cartridge into them.
Initial impressions are good. And much less movement from the volume pot.
I’ll leave the 72 on and listen again at the weekend.

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Well done… Worth the wait…!!

Is it greedy to have both 323 E’s and 523 E’s…???

Having both ? No, I’d say essential. Then you can use the same TT/ cartridge into both amps.

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