Nac 42 & nap 110

I posted up a while ago about wanting a CB shoe box system for the bedroom that would give me the classic Naim sound, and I think it was @Richard.Dane who suggested the 42/110 combo. Well a set has just come up in what looks like lovely condition, and as importantly they were serviced by Naim this year. Couldn’t resist :grimacing:

Now the difficult bit. I need a streaming source and speakers that will compliment them i.e. retain the classic Naim sound and retain the retro visual harmony… Suggestions welcome!


How lovely. It depends on how much you want to spend but to go real Classic with these amps, a set of Kans. It’s difficult to keep the aesthetic given the CB amps and the Classic cases for the streamers, so the slimline ND5XS2 is very discreet. Otherwise if you don’t want the latest platform, then a preloved NDX or even something like a Chord Qutest or Naim DAC with a Bluesound Node2 as the source could work nicely too.


An AURALiC Aries Mini would fit the bill well and could be hidden away (so as not to destroy the CB aesthetic). You could add an internal SSD to put your music on, as well as the usual streaming services/iRadio etc. The internal DAC is good but an external one (the Qutest is rather good) could be added if you found it wanting.
Need to be an iOS user though.


Just checked them out and the Kans are exactly the look I had in mind from that era :+1:


You ain’t gonna be getting much sleep!

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Qutest and Kans (or ProAc Tab 10s)

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I have exactly that combination paired with a Bluesound Node 2 and Spendor S3/5 speakers. Despite the apparent shortcomings of the Node (some people think it is not worthy of Naim amplification), I enjoy the system enormously for near-field listening at low to moderate volumes. It also sounds terrific with a vintage LP12 and an old Nakamichi tape deck, but they are connected to a different system at the moment.


Look at Royd 7L too if you can find a nice pair,
Some of them were more universal being listenable with digital, Kans looks great but need LP12 really.

I ran CB/Kan back then, the original CDS was pretty good digital source though :yum:


Royd Mintrels are also great with the 42/110.

I agree with Per here that Kans are at their best with an LP12 front end (still great though with a good digital source).

If you want a great CD player to front this combo without breaking the bank then look for a Naim CD3.


Lovely… They were my first… :smiley:

Ran mine with LP12 & Kans. Then added a SNAPS, and a 250…
I still have the 250… :grin:
1985 was a good year…


Thanks all for input. Listening will be mainly late night/early morning so near field and low to moderate. In terms of what I’m trying to achieve I’m very drawn to the Kans and if they prove a mismatch with the digital source then I can always move them on. To be honest this is more about nostalgia and aesthetics than sound quality.

I see there is an option to add a SNAPS or a Hi-Cap? Visually I think three units would work even better than two. Can anyone tell me what Naim would have intended to be the natural partner with this set up including Kans at the time?

Finally, would it be heresy to directly stack the units? I’m also considering getting a mini version of my existing Solid Sounds rack made which I can sit on top of a table to house them, but direct stacking does look rather nice and will be more subtle given the room.

Tempting as it is, I’m not going back to CD or vinyl. A discrete mini streamer that I can control with my phone is exactly what I’m looking for so will check out both the Bluesound Node 2 and the AURALiC :+1:

Any chance of a pic?

Stacking is not a good idea despite how good it will look. The transformers will interfere with the electronics.

AURALiC Minis come up occasionally on the Pink and the auction site.

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Depends… Do you have a 42 or a 42.5…? A 42.5 can take any HiCap - even todays version. A 42 cannot… it needs an old version (which still has its single rail output)… or a SNAPS… IIRC… @Richard.Dane - ??

Pls post a pic of the back of the 42…?

Stacking - Noooooooo… No.

Serial numbers are 5280 and 5226.


A nice find Stu - they are in lovely condition :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Serviced by Naim this year, brand new Snaic cable, original boxes and even the original hand written receipt from when purchased but can’t see receipt date from the pic.

It’s been a lilfetime ambition to own some CB kit. The design has aged incredibly well imo

Yup, you have it right.

Even better with the provenance as well. Agree, all of the CB boxes look superb.

Can anyone tell which version I have? Guessing it must be the 42 but would be good to have it confirmed.