Nac 52 and Cd 555

Are cd 555 bad matching with nac 52?

Nope. Quite the opposite - a great match. What power amp and speakers would they be used with?

This will be a match to long for. Congrats!

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Using a CD555 into my 552DR but did have a 52 at one point. The CD555 is a truly iconic bit of kit. Equaled but seldom exceeded,

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Right now is 250-2 classic, hunting 135, this is so rare and Boenicke w11.

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Can cd 555 sound analogue close to vinyl player?

Any pictures of your set? Out of topic, but Curious to here how the Boenicke match the naims ? Do you have the normal version or one of the tuned ones (SE) ?

Gab80 that question is going to be like opening a can of worms, as some here will argue that the CDS3 is the more analogue sounding of the 2 :face_with_monocle: I have owned both and know which one I prefer. In my view the 555 is a World class CD player and will work very well with any good Naim Pre including the 52. Also no CD player will ever match a top flight record player IMHO. ATB Peter


Its normal standard version, its a ex demo. its cost my liver for a new SE version.
I thought Naim is not gonna drive this speaker well.

I tested with Mcintosh MC352 300 watt, Vitus-101, Class D Amp powersoft. Me and my wife agreed that naim give real music. So , i remain with Naim and upgrade the source now.


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Ya, finally 1 vote for CD 555. My current CDP set is CDX2.2 and NDAC/555 PS.
I am now need to make a decision for CDS3 and CD555. Its lucky that i got offer from both unit.

My worries is that will CD 555 pair well with NAC 52 and sing better as what i have now. I really like the vinyl analogues sound, due to my situation with kids and work, i cant have it now. I hope CD 555 can sing as close as possible to Vinyl. Can share me your though.

My room size is around 3.5m x 6meter, will cd 555 overwhelming this size of room?


I had a CDS3 powered by a 555PS it is a superb combination and will be a great source for a 52. I then traded the CDS3 for a CD555 head unit. I felt the bigger upgrade of the two was upgrading the power supply on the CDS3 rather than the head units from CDS3 to CD555. As Peter says the CD555 is a fantastic piece of kit and a pleasure to use. The discussion about being as good as vinyl of course goes on for ever both sources have their merits, but with either the CDS3 or the CD555 you are going to have one of the finest CD players around. Listen to both powered by a 555PS and see which one you prefer.


Thank you Gabriel! So it goes well with naim :slight_smile:
Read a lot about those speakers, would be great to hear those one day.

Good luck with the CD 555 ! Amazing piece.

I have a CDS3/555 but I would happily have a CD555 :grinning:

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I ran that set-up, with a XP5XS powering the CDX2.2, for some years and was very, very happy with it as my source until my dealer invited me to try a CD555 head unit that he has just received on a trade-in. I was quite surprised at the step-up in performance. The CD555 retained all the vitality that I loved about the CDX2.2/nDac but added more detail, imaging and refinement. I also felt that the CD555 had a delightful analogue quality that I never had with the CDX.2.2/nDac.

I could talk for hours on this one, having owned in my time a 52 and CDS3.
My 555 has two DR power supplies and the LP12, Lyra Etna SL, fitted up with Tangerine Audio plinth and supports. All into a 552. The 52 is no poor relation to the 552.
Have to say the choice between LP or CD is often down to the ease of use for the CD player and not to do with which medium sounds better. Probably the LP12 but its not a decision based on audio quality but on the music I would like to hear at that moment.
My 555 is a fairly early player and about five years ago it developed a lid problem making it unplayable. Salisbury hold ample stocks, or they did, of spares including the Philips lazer unit. The lid was actuated by a plastic gear now replaced by a metal one, software upgrade and a replacement lazer. This made an outstanding CD player an even better one and I still buy a lot of CDs!
As physical media are my choice I am not really into the ND555 server route but have great respect for what it does. Even a home demo is not a 10 minute fit and pick up a week later.
Your combination of 52 and CD555 will keep you busy into the night!
PS: both sources are on wall shelves.

As Douglas mentions above, I found myself sometimes preferring the 555 and sometimes the LP12. Both have their strengths. On truly complex passages I tend to find the 555 can hold it together just a tad better but let’s see what the next set of Linn upgrades bring.

I wish I had bought a stake in Linn as the old fruit-box keeps spinning…:face_with_monocle: ATB Peter

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