Nac 52 in lower Fraim shelves with hiline

I just bought a used hiline and now are struggling how to install it.
My 52 is positioned in the lowest shelf of my Fraim (got 3 and 4 Fraim setup side by side).
The sockets at the 52 are positioned (before Fraim area) a bit badly. They are all in the middle and so the back of Fraim is in its way,
Hiline needs to swing and not to lean against any Fraim, wall or cable.

Has anyone an idea how to deal with it. Without repositioning all my boxes? The setup is perfect for the rest of the cables.
Any ideas wellcome.
Thanks a lot in advance.

There’s a little trick that many NAC52 owners with Fraim have used - loosen and turn the rear leg by 90 degrees then tighten up again. This should give you just enough clearance for the cabling.

There’s a more drastic step that at least one person has done - they drilled a hole through the Fraim leg…


Yeah… this might do it. Is it stable enough, when mounted in 90 degrees angle?
Drilling… never :wink:

Must the lavender also swing or is it here not so critical?

I use some large bubble wrap bags to stop direct contact between cables…they come in Amazon deliveries etc…no cost to try, and its just air between the cables. The cable weight holds the air bags in place.

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Preamp on the lowest shelf is a little unusual, most have it on top for best isolation. That would also have the advantage of no obstructing pillar at the back. Perhaps not so simple if you have a turntable on top though.

Due to using several none naim products (lynch him!) I have several back supports turned through 90 degrees
Definitely NO change in stability or sound

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Good tip.

No. Hdx is on top as he is getting slightly hot and I think it is better for him to have fresh air.
52 is on the right side and supercap on the left. Therefore they need to be at the same floor, as this is complete burndy length.

I use some foam padding from packaging to isolate cables from the Fraim ;0)
Bubble wrap is also a fine idea.
But with hiline I think it is more critical…

Assuming you’re looking at the front of the units when describing this, someone may point out that ideally it would be the other way around.

Yeah, I know… :slight_smile:
But with the 52 on the left I can even see less the position of the volume dial from where I am sitting. Little problems :slight_smile:
One setup might be:
Left (top to bottom): 52 / 135 / 135
Right (top to bottom): hdx / dac / XPs / SC

Hmmm… hoping hiline can swing this way,

But to be honest… as I really think, I will be sceptical with the new cable, I am thinking if I should do all the rebuild.

Had the hiline before with 72/hc/250 and liked the lavender more…
Just wanted to give hiline a new chance. Will see what move I had made.

Nevertheless, I think your 52 would be happier, and you would probably get better sound quality, with the 52 on top. I suspect a complete rethink of your stacking order would be worthwhile if you take the time for some trial and error.

A cunning plan, think I’ll try that one!

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I have my 52 on the right,
Otherwise burndy touches the floor.BTW i’m using Atacama racks.

Yep, both need to be fairly high on each respective stand to avoid touching the floor.

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