Nac 52/Prefix connections

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I’ve recently acquired an early Nac 52 with Supercap. Was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction re connecting my Hicap powered Prefix to the 52…ie which socket is regarded as sounding best.

As always, many thanks


There’s a dedicated socket, clearly marked on the rear panel of the NAC52.

If you can’t find it, I’ll check my manual upstairs.

Are you talking Hicap sockets or 52 sockets? Hicap socket 3 is usually used, into whichever 52 socket you like; I recall tuner being preferred but it shouldn’t really make a difference. You could also try taking the Hicap out of the loop and just using the powered Aux socket on the 52, whereby the Prefix will benefit from Supercap power. Hours of fun.

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Input 2a or 3 sounds the best.

52 Input 2b, according to the manual. But would you use that one when powering a Prefix from a Hicap?

Thanks for the replies peeps…I’m deffo using the prefix through a hicap,


Input 2a for Prefix with Hicap,but I had some 52´s that sounded better on input 3.

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“…some 52s….”?

Most of us would be happy with one 52……… :grinning:

As I understand it, 2b is right if you power the Prefix ( or in my case Superline) from the 52. If you power the Prefix with a Hicap, using the Tuner or CD input should be as good as 2a.

You can also use a hairdryer to soften the label’s glue if needed. That means that you can then swap the labels on the 52’s buttons so that the legends match reality.

With my 52 and Superline, I sorted out the impedance plug in the latter (getting the plugs exactly right for the cartridge), and then compared 2b against my spare Hicap for phono-stage power. Multiple listeners agreed that the Hicap lost for SQ, though of course your ears may differ.


I use needle point tweezers gently under one corner of the label and just flick it out. Works a treat on both 82 & 102. The adhesive would seem to be akin to that used on post-it note - sufficient to hold the labels in place but without strength of Araldite :laughing:

I acquired a sheet of “52 labels” from the infamous auction site three years ago for around 40 quid. Haven’t seen any more sheets since though.

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I have a set of them somewhere. Mine currently has “TV”,“Tuner” and “MD”. I haven’t possessed a Minidisc for years. Perhaps I should update them.

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Input 3 sounds best, but when using a hicap for prefix (have the same) I would also prefer the power from 52/sc = input 2b. The din input most left when looked from the front!
supercap on prefix bettered the 2b setup. Perfect update putting a SC on prefix!


You’re very brave. I wouldn’t dare try to remove or swap the labels on my 52, with tweezers or without.

A sheet of replacement labels would be good, but I suspect that we’re into hens’ teeth territory there.

With the hairdryer, it was easy, and I am usually nervous about (and rubbish at) anything requiring dexterity.


I still say that you’re very brave, Nick.

I still have a very clean sheet of 3m rubber labels. Probably because the previous owner knew that CD was phono and never had the nerve to change them out. Im in the same mind set.

I have swapped the labels on both 102 & 82 several times. The old label(s) go back onto the sheet in perfect condition, and can be - indeed have been - reused.

It really is no problem at all. No hairdryer needed. You can even use a pin…but I recommend a needle (smaller diameter and more pointy) or my favourite needle pointed tweezers.

I’m afraid this “manifestation of fear” smacks of the “mythology” that bedevils this brand.

It’s not a myth to say that that is literally how I softened the glue and thus swapped the labels on my 52. If yours lifted without heat, that’s great. The more important point is probably that it is easy to do, by whatever method.

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Perhaps they’d used Araldite on your 52……… :laughing:

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I am not calling Salisbury to ask about that. Perhaps Richard D will opine…

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