Nac 52 problem

I may have damaged my Nac 52. I used the incorrect input[2b] instead of 2a when replacing a Stageline with a new Cyrus Signature Phono. I now have distortion thru both phono amps. My Rega P25/Hana MH sounded fine previously and the CD player and cassette deck work perfectly. I have powered everything down and will restart from scratch next week. Has anyone had a similar experience here?


No, I have no relevant experience, but as a fellow NAC52 user, I feel your pain!

I think this needs one of the Naim techs - not sure which one though.

Probably needs @NeilS … :thinking:

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It seems unusual that you would have a 2xRCA to 240° pin interconnect (for 2b), and I doubt that you would be able to insert a PSX-R cable into 2b on the NAC52.

A photo of your cable would help to analyse what might have happened…

Likewise I can’t see how you would have been able to connect to the powered AUX socket as it’s a 5pin 240 instead of a 180.


That was what I as thinking… after having located a Naim manual covering the 52…

Something is not right here.

I’d think one could “connect” it with enough… impetus.

Yes - definitely more info required on this one.


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@MKL1 Please keep us updated. Maybe there is no damage on 52.
Feel with you !

After replacing my Chord cable with a newer version, my Cyrus Executive Phono preamp is functional again. I will add the power supply tomorrow. Unfortunately replacing the Naim Snaic did not solve the distortion from my Stageline S. This unit is a few years old and may need service. Hopefully I did not knacker the powered input by trying to insert the wrong cable!

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