Nac 52 remote control

Hi, my Nac 52 is a 2000 build, I would like to purchase a IR extender, I remember reading Naim use a Philips protocol? Could anybody confirm this?

The Philips RC-5 and RC-6 protocols
36 kHz


Naim use RC5.

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Thanks for that Richard, with that informed I was brave enough to go to a local store and purchase a Ir transmitter. For about £40 I picked one up and it works perfectly perfect. Covers 20kHz to 60kHz where the only type I could find on that auction site covered 38 kHz and up so that would of been a Disaster not to mention between months waiting time to arrive. Small aren’t they

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That’s great news. From what I can see, they use USB power?

It’s using a small 2 pin wall plug into a USB C Connection into the transmitter boxes. 50 meter range and the IR bounces all around the room which is great as the CDS isn’t lined up with the transmitter. Has little plug in senders and receivers if you need to huge the boxes as well. Perfect for the job.

I’ve got a mains spur so those little black wall plug switch boxes stay well away from my electrical supply.

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