Nac 52

Hello everyone,
I do not remember if the question arose in the past-
What are the benefits to 52, in terms of improving S.Q, by replacing Olive Supercap with Supercap dr?

Worth a try. We did with our NAC52.

The noise floor drops when a SC-DR is used, so backgrounds are quieter, the start and stop of notes is clearer and more precise, better.

However, something went ever so slightly off with the timing of notes, so our feet stopped tapping and music became a bit boring. Reverting to our olive SC brought back the rhythm again.

In the end, we preferred fun but slightly fuzzy over precisely dull, so kept the olive Supercap.


Best regards, BF


I’d suggest to have a full DR system and not just the one box. As Bluesfan said the timing went.
A buddy DR’d his 282/250 system over a few years, I just couldn’t get the foot tapping going till it was all DR. Now it’s a party machine.

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I had 52 with olive Scap then black box Scap 2 then DR. The biggest change was the DR. I would mostly agree with Bluesfan. Something in the pace of the 52 was lost but the sound was cleaner and bass performance better. Toss up which was preferred, probably the non-DR SCap 2.

I tried a 252 which definitely suited the DR and displaced the 52, although I’d say even now the 52 did have a special character that has not been replicated. Hard to define, a sort of ‘elegance’ somehow. If you intend sticking with the 52 I would keep to a similar generation PS myself. Don’t forget to keep up with servicing on both though, it really makes a difference.



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