NAC 552 and tape recording issue

I have a problem, and could be big!
Baseline: all equipment and cabling have been check, and they all work

I have 2 Tape recorders connected to my NAC, as well as 3 vinyl tonearms and an ND5-XS.

The issue: when I try to record on one of the tapes, I get equal input signal on both channels at line in, as I start recording, the left channel goes off and does not record to tape and the VU-meter goes to zero. On reproducing, only the right channel has been recorded.

This behavior is present on both of my tape recorders, and is the same no matter what I use for tapes, cables, etc. So the issue points to the NAC, but I cannot pinpoint it. Tomorrow I will try and reset the 552 from scratch, but I doubt it will work.

Have you had similar issues? Any pointers where to look for? Any Ideas? any diagnostics I could run on the NAC, maybe NAIM support can help?

The NAC is the DR version.

Thank all

Could it be a sticking relay in the tape section of the board ??, as it happens on the source side of the board

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