Nac 552 connect headphones

Have you considered replacing the 552 with the new 332 preamp? This one got a headphone amp included. Is not be surprised if it gets close to the 552 if power supply added.

No, I could never part with the 552, I’ve had it years and just had it recently serviced, for me being a vinyl only source guy, I think my setup is about right, I’m very happy with it, so much so that I could never entertain changing any part of it, sometimes you have to say enoughs, enough
However, my listening circumstances have now changed so music has to be played a lot lot lower than I once played it, and to be honest I do miss the volume, but luckily I also enjoy listening through headphones, so headphone amp would seem like a sensible move given my circumstances and thus allowing me as much volume as my eardrums can take BUT I want the sound to be excellent, as good as listening through speakers albeit a slight difference

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Would like to add to the above that pouring over the many posts / threads like I often do, I realise that a lot of forum members suggest that the nap 300 is better for low listening than the 250.2, but on the rare occasions that I can dial up the volume the 250.2 can really make things move !

They (the 250.2 and 300) also sound different.

Indeed. From what I have read the 300 is a bit more “detailed” ?? Whilst the 250.2 has a slightly darker pitch. I dunno, as never heard the 300 so not sure if I’m talking out of my hat :grinning::grinning:

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