NAC 552 display off

Lately I have some issues with my 552. When using the app the volume does sometimes not respond. Sometimes it works again by switching it off and pull some cables out the 552.
But now the display is off and I have no control with the app and Narcom remote so I can restore the display.
Manually all is well. Very frustrating.
Can anyone help me?

I posted it in the wrong section. My apologies.

There’s a couple of things that could be worth checking. First of all, power off the 552-PS, and then check that the SNAIC is properly seated. The digital parts (including lighting and powered pots) are powered from this (if I recall correctly), so that might explain why system integration and your remote aren’t working properly.

Hi Jono,

I powered everting off, without any results. The buttons only respond through the app.
But I think you might have a point regarding the SNAIC cable.

Maybe just power everything off, and unplug are reset the SNAIC, and see if that works. If the SNAIC isn’t connected, the button lights definitely won’t be lit (speaking from experience, when I forgot to plug mine in).

Otherwise you might be looking at a trip to your dealer to see if they can help

I turned everything off, but without any results.
Have to pay a visit to my dealer I guess.

You could try a different IR control cable between the NDS and NAC552.

I did, but it looks likes the connection to the front keys and light are dead. The pre works fine and I can switch sources through my app, but other than that nothing.

In short.
Volume and balance work only manually
All the buttons of the pre don’t work
All the lights are off

Does anyone have a clue what it could be, what could be damaged?

I wonder if it’s a ribbon connector that has failed. @NeilS might have some ideas.

What’s a ribbon connector Richard?

A ribbon connector is used a lot to connect one board to another.

From what you say, it sounds like a display board hardware fault. If it’s working via the app, the PIC must be alive & well, just a problem with the buttons & LEDs.

As these items are on the same PCB, a ribbon fault is unlikely.


In that case, Fred needs to send it back to Naim via a dealer. Is that correct?

I think so, yes. As the buttons themselves are unresponsive, a remote issue can also be ruled out.


Many thanks for the clarification Neil. Could this be an expensive operation?

A repair on a 500 series product costs a fixed £899, according to Naim’s suggested prices. Whether your dealer can reduce that is something you’ll need to discuss with them.

Ok now I know what to expect. Thanks.

That’s a lot of money if a minor fault…

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