NAC 552 DR connecting to a subwoofer

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I would like to connect my subwoofer to my NAC 552. But when I turn on the 552 one of the channels is has no audio, it can be left or right. As soon as I unplug the cable the 552 works fine.

It must be the cable, because this happens when cable is connected to the 552 and not connected to the subwoofer. I have used this cable for many years with an Audio Research preamp with no problems. It is a long cable- about 5 metres.

Is this a known issue?

thanks in advance

What sort of cable, and where are you connecting it?

I suspect you are using one of the sockets intended for use with a mono, or dual mono power amp, and this is confusing the 552. Can you tell us what connections you have?

Chris, it sounds like there may be an issue with the cable or connector. Assuming you used it with an Audio research pre-amp, I take it you have removed the RCA phonos and replaced with a DIN4. Maybe this is where the problem is occurring?

I have used before now one of the aux outputs from the 552PS to drive a subwoofer… no issue at all.
So perhaps you have a faulty lead?

Hi All

thanks for the replies!

I have a DIN to phono socket cable, which I have checked for correct wiring. The cable is a silver cable from a company called Connex (I think), I bought quite a few cables from them and I never had a problem.

I used it for many years with my last preamp with no issues.

Could it be that the 552 doesn’t like the load because it’s a long lead? Maybe the capacitance or some other cable-related electrical value?

There are 3 DIN connections on the back of the 552: 2 are used to feed the NAP 300 and the third is feeding (or trying to) the subwoofer…


Chris, yes you have to be careful with the cable you use - the NAC552 was not designed to drive a long cable. Naim’s own cable, even being of low capacitance, still needed to be slugged with a 100R resistor to ensure stability.

I would suggest using Naim’s own sub lead (available in 5m or 10m lengths) or similar, or else maybe consider a high level connection taken from the terminals on the back of your speakers.

Hi Richard

I thought it might be a reason like that. Thanks very much for your help with this.

I know what my next Naim purchase will be!

thanks again!


Nice one Chris. If possible I wouldn’t use a system without a subwoofer. Once effectively calibrated/dialled in the difference a subwoofer makes to a system can be profound. Life’s too short for a sub less system :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, i hope your connection issue gets resolved soon.

Hi Richard … Using 552 via aux … I drive a sub with my 552 using 8m Mogami Twin RCA to RCA Lead. Low Capacitance 75ohm Audio Coax Cable…I have not run into any apparent issues - is this something I should not be doing???

You might want to experiment with adding some resistors at the Din end - you may get a nice lift in performance all round. But if you notice no difference to performance with or without the cable connected then you may be OK, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Naim fit 100R resistors in their sub lead, so you might choose a similar value, but I would confer with Naim as to what they might suggest here.

As a non-552 owner, I’m probably showing my ignorance, but where do you connect an RCA lead to a 552?

From memory … I use a din to phono converter lead plugged into the aux- which has 2 phono fly outs - I then connect my stereo Mogami lead to this - back to my Velodyne sub. It works a treat the quality seems excellent - the sub is very fast and tuneful. The Mogami cable seems excellent and very cost effective.

Hi All
that’s similar to my setup- using a converter lead connecting to a Velodyne SMS active frequency controller. With the old preamp it worked very well. The subwoofer is a big old B&W ASW4000.
Most subwoofers are far too loud and overpowering, but if used correct they can add the bass extension required.

Hi I use a Velodye DD10+ it is amazingly fast yet subtle and understated - with a mighty impact when needed. This is a sealed box design with a 1200w amp - and dsp. I use this with little PMC20.21’s in a smallish room and it is amazing. The 552 makes a great job of supplying signal - its agile and tuneful bass makes for a marriage made in heaven…

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