NAC 552 Input Socket Assignment

I’ve just bought an Ansuz C2 SignalZ Interconnect. It’s terminated with RCA’s.
I have the cable plugged into the RCA Pair sockets which is Socket 8. I’d like to assign it to the Tuner button.
Following the method shown in the manual I would do the following:
Press Pre
Press PROG
Press the Tuner button
Using the Record Mute and Mono buttons I scroll to Socket 8. However, the manual doesn’t describe how I select that socket. Is it selected if I turn PROG off after I scroll to the desired socket?

BTW, I’m replacing a DIN/DIN Chord Music with am Ansuz C2 RCA/RCA. I’ve connected my ND555 to my headphone amp with the C2 and compared the sound between the Music and the C2 using Focal Utopias.
The Music is a great cable but the C2 is simply amazing.

My dealer is already talking about swapping the Music plus the C2 for a D2 DIN/DIN.

It’s all in the manual, just as expected.

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I was mis-interpreting ‘Selected’.

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