Nac 552 only has sound out of input2

Hi there, so now I’m thinking that I want to get my cdp555 back online by allocating one ps to it and the other to the nd555. Initially I had just switched the 2 ps from the cdp555 on to the new nd555, and thought about selling the cdp head unit. So I have to use a second din input in the nac552 ( I already am using input 2 for the nd).
BUT my nac 552 seems to have only one active Din input (number 2) which corresponds to cd on the nac552 front panel. No way to get sound out of any other front panel source selection than “cd”. I would like to get the sound of my cdp out of input 4 which connects to the “tape” selection on the nac frontpanel. Is there a way I can fix this without a remote? I’m not sure where mine is actually never used it, chances are I lost it.
I have the nd555 remote, a cdp 555 remote but not sure about the rest… Anyone ??? THANKS!

You’ll need a Narcom to change the input mapping or to reset to the default mapping.

Hi Richard, I am afraid I cannot locate the narcom. I have an R com though…
Is there anything I can do manually or with the R com to reset the nac552?

Afraid you need the cheap plasticky Narcom

As Gazza confirms, you’ll need the Narcom. Give your dealer a call - they may be able to lend you one, or failing that, sell you another.

It is bit difficult, my dealer is in France and I just moved to south Korea, need to build a relationship here!
Now what is strange is that when I disconnect the nd from input 2 and instead connect my cdp to the same input 2, with the same cable, no sound comes out of my speakers… can this be linked to the naim app settings?

Is your CD555 configured for DIN or RCA Phono output? Again you’ll need a Narcom…*

*This is why, even with the 500 series that comes with the R-com remote, there’s also a Narcom included, because the Narcom is essential for setting up and configuring the kit during installation.

Maybe the issue is with the cd555 then…?
I was using it through nac input 2 until the day I got the nd 555 through same input 2 and cdp offline. I never played the 2 together. But now it seems no sound is coming out of it

Per chance, have you also a Flash controller hidden away somewhere, which might have come with the 552 (IIRC). This has Programme mode options.

Thanks for the info! I had 2 but they must be in a storage somewhere in France. Will try to see here in all the empty boxes.
Still I am surprised that my input 2 accepts only the nd. My cdp must have an issue as no sound is coming out even in input 2.

Re the CDP, I wonder if (if it’s a 555?), the CDPs output configuration has somehow got changed to phono from DIN - as Richard flags.

Sorry if sucking eggs - If you hold down ‘Disp’, what you want to see is an ‘O’ (=DIN) - if you see ‘oo’ (=phono only) then cycle via display button and once OK, hold the Disp button down to exit.

There is an option of both O & oo but that’s best avoided.

If I remember correctly, pressing and holding the Display button on the 555 will change the output from o to oo (or vice versa). Could be I dreamt that, though I know I changed the output on mine without a Narcom.

Can I just check an understanding.

When you connect something to input 4 on the rear, are you pressing all the front panel inputs to see what 4 on the rear is mapped to?

THANK YOU! Now I can hear my cdp through nac output 3! You made my day Happy listener!
Thanks everyone for putting this on the right track!

I absolutely didn’t know about this cdp 555 rca/din setting! So I wrongly thought the issue was with the nac input setting. Of course now I know I also have to locate the old horrible remote just in case!

I keep the manuals for both CD555 and 552 close to hand, as my 555 changes DIN/phono setting without (my) prompting every now and again - perhaps driven by a power cut/power down/up?

Re the 552, I think the earlier ones came with a Flash, which may have been updated from the days of the CDS2, so as to include the Programme feature. Of course, Flash is NLA - shame. So, if you have a couple somewhere, best to check which version you have (if I’m right).

It looks like the factory default mapping for the 552 starts with input 2 (CD) and then matches to the inputs across the rear. I have tried to re-map mine but it was very fiddly - I cannot recollect why - mine was a pre-loved, perhaps someone had tinkered.

Thank you. The truth is I do not remember my cdp555 sounding as good as now. Even with only one ps when before it had 2. Sound is much more involving more clear and prat! Could it have been the change to the din only option? That would be rather incredible. I definitely am keeping this player now.


Ensuring the output of any Naim CD or Network player is set to just DIN will always give best performance. DIN sounds superior to RCA Phono, and having both RCA Phono and DIN “on” is a performance compromise.

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