NAC 552 Service


My 552 is now 10yrs old. I am in two minds about getting it serviced now as it is expensive ~ £1200 total for the Nac and the PS. I could wait for a few more years but I’m interested to know if others have had their 552s serviced and what their experience was.
Did it make any discernible difference to performance ?


If it’s any help my 552 went back to Naim last year with an intermittent fault. Initially I thought I’d get both Unit’s serviced just to be on the safe side but apparently they listened to my head unit against their demo unit and said it was as good or even slightly better than their’s and not to bother. However, the power supply did need a service. I believe that the service intervals on 500 kit is 15 years anyway, so I would not be in too much of a rush to spend £1200 unless it was essential?

It was pretty difficult to notice a discernible improvement straight away as I had to contend with about 3 months of burn-in. I also had new burndy’s, which didn’t help!


The recommendation is 15 years. Unless you can hear what you consider to be significant sound degradation, I wouldn’t give it another thought before 2024 - at the earliest.


I believe it is 10-12 years for the PS 15 for the head unit. Last year I had both serviced (12 years old) but could not really hear much if any difference in SQ.


Thanks all. I was surprised to learn that Naim recommend 8-10 yrs between services.

Apart from a somewhat dimmed display my 552 seems to be fine so I might wait a little longer.


What is the total cost for a full service, recap, and DR upgrade to both the head unit and PS?



I think you need to ask Naim.



i had my 552 (16 years old) being serviced and DR’s last year. As i lived in France the price was different, i should say more expansive (could even say very expansive), but once done, i thought it worst every penny spend.