NAC 62 boards

Can line level boards be inserted in place of phono boards on a 62?

I know they can on a 32.5 because that’s what I’m doing now.

I am wondering because so much of the 62’s circuitry is on the motherboard.

I just bought a mint CB 62. Problem is, my source is a Chord Qutest and I use an RCA to RCA interconnect. To use the 62, I would have to connect to its BNC inputs using adaptors until RCA jacks can be fitted. I don’t have an RCA to DIN cable.

Yes I believe they can but why not just buy a RCA to DIN cable which is the cheaper option.

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Yes, the BNC input on the NAC62 uses interchangeable boards. Line level boards are NA326s.

However, as Badlyread suggests above, likely better to go with an RCA phono to DIN interconnect here. It saves you butchering your NAC62 and will sound better too.

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Thanks Richard and badlyread.

My thinking was that if I go back to vinyl at some point I will almost certainly use a Rega turntable anyway which natively uses RCAs, and my True Signals RCA/RCA is on par with the Super Lumina RCA/RCA I used to have.

On the other hand there is some historical value in leaving the BNCs in place. This is a very mint late model unit with the original phono boards, box, manual (and even foam inserts).

There are BNC to RCA adapters available also out there.

Better to change the plugs on the i/cs to 50 ohm BNC - that way no nasty performance sapping adaptors, and a superior connector to most RCA Phonos.

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You´re right. But when it comes to universal use of the phono cable one have to die at least one death. :wink:

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