NAC-62 / NAP-140 upgrading advise needed

Dear all,

need advice:
I currently use NAC-62 and NAP-140, all Chrome Bumpers, a friend who sells NAP-250. Can I make my system Bi-Amp by adding HiCap, so that for upper frequencies I use NAP-140 and lower frequencies using NAP-250, of course I use speakers that can be Bi-Amping

a friend who sells this, there are 2 choices of power amplifiers that are sold, namely the NAP-160 bolt down (BD) and the NAP-250 Chrome Bumper

my friend offers 2 options for each power amplifier group:

  1. Pre Amp NAC-102 Olive, Hi Cap Olive and NAP-250 Chrome Bumper or only the NAP-250 Chrome Bumper can be purchased
  2. Pre Amp NAC-102 Olive. Hicap Olive and NAp-160 Bolt Down or NAp-160 bolt down only

Please advise

thank you

Personally I wouldn’t bother with passive biamping, just get the 250 and keep it simple, although you would then need the Hicap to power the preamp too. Either that or go all the way and go active with a SNAXO if you don’t mind the extra boxes.

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Agree , give bi amping a miss. Extra cables etc, for marginal changes at best. Leave bi amping in the early 2000s.
Yes, get the 250, but also make sure it has been serviced. Otherwise, what’s wrong with a ( servuced) 140?

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I tend to keep them with their natural partners although you can get good results mixing.

So, I’d either get the BD160 and look out for a NAC12 to partner it, or take the 250 and look out for a CB Hicap.

However, 62/140 should work very well together though and make a nice compact solution. For me, the Hi/250 gives more detail, punch and control and the 12/BD160 makes the music very coherent. But we’re all different and it’s quite likely my ears and preferences are different to yours.

I only tried passive bi-amping once, using Linn amps, but wasn’t impressed.

Agree with @Thegreatroberto ref servicing.

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I use a CB Nac62/Nap140 and for me Bi-amping is not an option. But in my current setup they sound very nice together. I am interested that the OP mentioned a HiCap (I believe that a SNAPS power supply upgrade would also work?) and that this is often recommended.
I am intrigued as to how much difference that this makes for a 62/140. The extra box, cables and cost has always put me off unless the difference is considerable.
Has anyone gone from Nac62/Nap140 to added HiCap (or Snaps) and evaluated the difference

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I tried a Snaps on my 32.5/160 this weekend and it does sharpen up the sound. From memory, the Hicap doubles this effect and provides quite a lot more bass control and treble refinement. However, I also feel that something musically is worse which is hard to describe - a bit less coherent, less able to relax into the music, less fun - something like that. I guess most folks don’t experience this though so best to try for yourself.

Interesting. I don’t feel any dissatisfaction with the 62/140 so perhaps a HiCap doesn’t need to be high on the priority list for the ‘Dave Pound’. I can find much less information about a SNAPS e.g. connectivity, size etc. I had some idea that it was actually smaller but not sure where i got this from.
Thanks for those observations, cures some of my upgraditis!

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Snaps came in two sizes. Original version in bolt down casework the same size as NAC12. The later chrome bumper version is as wide as your 62 / 140 but much shallower depth.

Snaps/Hicap might be the best thing since sliced bread to your ears though - nice mixed metaphor there :slight_smile: If there’s one thing I’ve learned, you’ve got to decide these things for yourself.

I agree that use ears and decide is the ideal. Main issue is having the kit to insert between source and ears without dipping unwisely into the not entirely unlimited Dave Exchequer.
I have not yet entered fulsomely into the buy, listen, and sell cycle for secondhand hifi. I tend to be more circumspect and invest in something I expect to keep.
However, I have in the past found that upgraded power supplies are effective and have a couple wired into other pieces of kit. A SNAPS with a NAC12 format could harmonise with the feng shui of my desk. So I will keep half an eye open for such a thing.
Thanks for the info and advice.

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so I use 62/250 and 62/240 independently ?
how to connect SNAXO between them?


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I should perhaps point out that Naim’s active crossovers (SNAXO etc) were made only for a small number of speakers, so this is may not be an option for you.

Hi @Murmur ,

Any chance that he would lend you the power amps?

Some people prefer the 160 over the 250 in certain systems.


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I think better left them work in separated, don’t they?

Thank you for the advice
So each must be combined with each of my partners.
For NAP-250 Chrome Bumpers, what is the pre amp pair that matches the time?
for nap-160 bd I think I’m less interested in this item

I’ve had a CB62/140 for 33 years and got a HiCap last year. It completely transformed the experience. The music became alive, so much more detailed. Couldn’t believe it would make such a difference but worth every penny. Now about to get my first service on the 62/140s!!, just waiting on arrival of temp NAIT5.
To be fair, I’ve never heard any other Naim kit to compare but people on the forum appear to rate the 62/140 in good condition very highly.
Make sure you use the correct speaker cable which also makes a big difference.
I use Linn K20 as Naim A5 is just too expensive for 10 meter runs.
ATB Gordon

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I didn’t say you must pair them. I’ve just found a good synergy between natural pairings, along with Linn speakers and LP12 of that era but I have mixed and matched at times.

For CB 250, it would be NAC32/CB SNAPS in the early 80s and NAC32.5/HICAP from mid-80s onwards AFAIR. If using an in period LP12, then the former pairing really need Kan 1s or Briks to help balance out the overly fat / warm sound.

The 32.5 is a more engaging pre than the 32 so I’d go with 32.5/HI/250. Its gonna sound a lot cleaner and sharper too. Very good control of the sound even by todays standards.

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If this is the original Nait 5, don’t let it go. Keep it, at any price. The Hicap - if in good condition - works magically with it too.

Unfortunately it’s a Nait 5i Mk2 so can’t use the HiCap.
Might still keep it though as a standby.

I have a 5i on bedroom duty after various updates of my downstairs kit. It is a lovely amp, better than the Nait 2 imo. I also have a CB/Hicap/32.5/250 and that is the combo to look for in the CB range.