Nac 62 / Nap 200 / HC get warm with 2 sources connected

My setup consist of:
Nac 62 Olive
Nap 200 Classic Series
HiCap Olive
Nac A5
Thorens TD 160
Rega Fono MK3
Interconnects: Naim and FS
Dac: Topping D50
Speakers: Monitor Audio Gold 200
Main Source: Raspberry Pi3b with Volumio and Qobuz Studio through UPNP / mconnect app

When I connect only the Dac at the 62 it’s all ok and sound quality is superb but if I connect also the phono stage I notice clearly a reduced sound quality and the Hicap and 200 get warm.

How can I solve this problem? Maybe a 202 will solve this?


That sounds really odd. Is the phono stage OK? What happens if you just run with the internal phono boards in the NAC62 (assuming you have these, of course)?

Phono Stage is brand new, Nac 62 doesn’t have phono card onboard. Also connecting a Pioneer DVD (BDP 180K is a “good” CD player too with RCA output) 200 and HC get warm

OK thanks. I can only imagine there’s some kind of issue with the NAC62, or maybe there’s a faulty interconnect in play here. Which inputs are you using on the NAC62? Maybe worth a chat with Naim service or with Darran at Class A.

Here the connections:

  • HC socket 2 to Nap 200
  • HC socket 4 to Nac 62 (“output to Hicap socket 4” socket)
  • DAC to Nac 62 CD input
  • Phono Stage/DVD to tuner or tape input (same results)


The connections sound fine to me. Darran at Class A is really helpful IME.

I had this issue immediately prior to my system requiring major remedial action. There were two faulty cables and two faulty boxes.

Hi Maunac83,

Are you absolutely sure that you are not inadvertantly putting a source input into the tape output of the 62 via the conversion of RCA leads to DIN?


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Hi NealS,
I’m using the tape and tuner inputs for the phono stage with a Din/Rca cable. How can I check it?


I’m not with you - two inputs for one phono stage?


No, only one but tested both.

Ah, ok, with you - apologies.

If you get a signal from the tuner input then your lead configuration is ok as there is no tape loop on that input.

Connect each source component to the tuner input seperately, if you get a signal on each, then all your leads are good.


Signal it’s ok on all inputs if I use them separately. I tried to connect the phono stage directly to the mains (not to powerstrip with the naims) and the temperatures now seems ok. Now it’s too late to check the SQ without wake up the neighbors (:man_white_haired::sweat_smile:) but I’ll check it tomorrow.

Ok, I was basing my tape loop theory on some very bizarre results when this was done on a Nait5/112 - although the method of input switching is very different.

The temperature issue is certainly puzzling!


Do you still get this if you disconnect the DAC and connect the two sources (phono and DVD). I’m just wondering if the DAC is chucking out excessive out of band noise via its analogue outputs which is causing instability somewhere in the chain, hence the 200 warming up and the degradation in SQ.

An older HC socket 3 to NAP200 will cause both HC & 200 to overheat, as two 24V rails are united & the regulators in both will fall into an overheat/shutdown cycle.

But that doesn’t fit the bill either as:-
A) It’s not connected that way.
B) It would be a permanent state.

The mind boggles.


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Now I have a 202, 2nd hand in mint condition, all problems solved now :smiley:
202 is a great improvement over 62, I use it with the Hicap, NAPSC is the next stop…is it a good upgrade?

The NAPSC makes a significant difference to the NAC202. Considering the modest cost, it’s a must.

On what parameters? Clarity, bass?

I get some sibilances with my system right now on some tracks at low volume: Thank you stars (Katie Melua), just like heaven (the cure). I don’t know if sibilances are already on tracks and my system emphasises them.


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