Nac 72 cd version

Would like to know the date this version began.Also if it was created a new board for the cd input in this version.

Leni, I’ll have to dig out my notes to find the date the change was made (IIRC it was around '91/92?). The change meant a revised main board incorporating the additional input and losing the second daughter board facility.

Thanks Richard.As for the date it is o.k for me.As for the revised boerd does it have its own number.And thanks again.

Leni, it’s the mainboard, so no relevant number. You can distinguish it from the earlier mainboard because there’s only provision for one set of Phono NA32x boards. Externally it can be distinguished by CD on the front input selector and by having only one set of Phono BNC sockets at the rear.

Thanks Richard.

Is there a difference in sound presentation with CD between the two versions.

That depends which boards are fitted to the earlier unit. Any NA328s should be swapped out for NA326 “link” boards, and then differences are probably marginal and dependent mostly on age, use, whether recently serviced or not, sample consistency etc…


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