NAC 72 Logo

My NAC 72 “naimaudio” logo looks perfect, but in the crack above the logo (the space between the fascia and the case) I see a slight bit of light leaking through. I checked the black strip of material that covers the light inside and it looks perfect. Is this normal?

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please provide with photo to make it clear

I had this with a NAT02 once, about 30 years ago. To fix it I slid the insides of the tuner out and pressed the black tape that runs along the top of the logo a bit more firmly. It was ok after that. I’m sure you could get a bit of new tape if needs be. It just calls for a little DIY.

One of my 72s has a crack or delamination. Never noticed it until it was pointed out at service Darran reckoned it could have been like sine new. Don’t know if these facias are still available or not. Doubt it.

I pressed down on the black tape but it did not work. I think the problem lies in the fact that the fascia is glued on very slightly crooked from the factory.

Yes the olive fascia is slightly off. The light from the logo comes through.

My 72 has the same issue. I fixed by inserting a business card, with the outfacing edge blackened, into the crack.

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