NAC 72 or other?

Hi, my system is composed of an Ariston Rd 40 turntable, SME 9009 arm, Ortofon MC Quintet Red Technical Data cartridge, Naim NAC 72 preamplifier, Naim Hicap, Finale Naim NAP 250 and Kef Reference Series Model 107/2 loudspeakers. The sound is remarkable but I have the impression that the NAC 72 is a little tight in terms of the spatiality of the sound, it does not seem enveloping to me. Could you recommend something that’s right for me?

Why do you think it’s the 72 that is the problem? Have you tried moving the speakers? Try them pointing straight ahead and then toe them in just enough to get a stable central image with vocals.

Ok thank you I’ll try this solution

If i’m thinking of the right speakers, didn’t these have an equaliser module that was usually inserted between pre and power (or in the tape loop of an integrated). Do you still use that ?

Unfortunately, I no longer have it, however it only affects the frequencies.

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