NAC 72 - Position of Boards - which one missing?

Same as me… i now have 52-135 … and yess so much better.
But still a spare hicap and 250 laying around. There is something missing - the 72 I sold in 2020 :p)

I learned in chemistry and university long ago that with temperature the the chemical reactions speed up. So my guess :slight_smile:

Quote - Naim Audio -

“How often should I service my Naim product? This is a question often asked, and the Service Department recommendations are as follows: for the Chrome Bumper (circa 1975 - 1989) and Olive (circa 1989 - 2000) range products, we recommend every 8 - 10 years and for the newer Black products (2000 - present), every 12 - 15 years.”

I do not mind if you believe this, or not… :expressionless:

Caps degrade with time. They degrade quicker if temperature is added. So, to slow down the degradation keep them cool. However, after 15years, you have had your monies worth and need to swap out.

That is completely my cycle - all my naim equipment is serviced from 2017 to 2022. After 10 years I will go for the next capping session.
My question is only based ion storing capped stuff and the chance of adding a bit not Top. :slight_smile:

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