Nac 72 tape out

This is my very first post here :slight_smile:

So, here is my question: I am trying to get my vinyl source out of my Nac 72, thru the tape 5 pin connector. My cable is soldered on the right pins (output) and I get a very very low output that is barely audible. What do I do wrong? My Nac 72 has never been overhauled. Could there be something broken?

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First question, how are you powering your NAC72? Second question, which phono boards do you have fitted? Or indeed, do you have phono boards fitted…?

Hi Richard,
The nac is powered with a Hicap. I don’t know which phono board it is…I bought my naim system second hand…,
But I also have a line input ( I use the tuner input fir that…) and the tape output doesn’t work with this source either

Hi perudo,

It sounds like your 72 is missing the tape output buffer daughter boards.


Yes I think Neil is right - open it up and check if it has the 324 boards in it.

OK, double check that you have the correct pins wired up (the rec out pins, not play in/out). After that, it’s time to open up the case to see what boards you have fitted. It may have had the Tape buffer boards pulled - there should be 4 x NA324 daughter boards.

Thank you all very much for your support! I really appreciate this.
So, Iguess, my Nac is missing the output buffer cards?
Is there another way around? Or could my unit be upgraded, despite its age?

Yep - the 324 boards are missing (bottom left). I doubt you can get them from Naim anymore but they do come up for sale in the usual places.

There are other options but you’d need to ask elsewhere…

James_n thank you for your reply

When you say I need to ask elsewhere…what do you mean? Is it inapropriate for this forum?

Yes - you can get aftermarket boards hence my suggestion to ask elsewhere if you can’t get hold of the Naim boards. The forum AUP prohibits anymore discussion.

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Richards post above indicates there should be 4 x NA324 boards. Presumably there are still 2 x NA324. Insert them into the output buffer position and see if you get an output from the tape socket.

Time to look out for a pair of NA324 boards. I assume you bought it secondhand, in which case, I would contact the seller as they may still have them. Otherwise, you might try asking around some of the more likely Naim dealers.

NAC 72 = :heart_eyes:

You could ask Darren at Class A Sheffield if he has any spare daughter boards to replace your missing ones, & consider sending him the 72 for a service if it’s not been done before.
He is a Naim authorised dealer.

And welcome to the forum!


Cool, thank you for the adress…I just emailed him and are waiting for an answer. I think I will have my NAC+Hicap serviced as well…

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Darren did a marvellous job servicing my 72 & hi-cap a few years ago, he likes these little shoebox amps : )

Picture below shows my 2000 nac72 [left] with brand new blue coloured caps, and my 1991 nac72 [right] still with the original old maroon coloured caps.
Just to confuse things slightly, i’ve moved the ‘re-capped’ phono boards from the recently serviced 72 to the older unserviced one, but you can see the difference.

The earlier type 72 has two phono inputs, plus DIN inputs: TUNER / TAPE 1 / TAPE 2
The later 72 has one phono input, plus DIN inputs: CD / TUNER / TAPE 1 / TAPE 2


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Can’t we arrange some ‘I have a Darren at Class A serviced Nac 72’ t-shirts?

Mine was serviced there too …

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Well done for spelling his name correctly!

It appears to be spelt with an ****EN everywhere all over the internet, which is wrong apparently,
i wasn’t sure so took time to check, and spelt it the wrong way too, Oops! :blush:

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LOL, same here!

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