Nac 82 2 HCs-- The Better Hicap goes Where?

I am using an 82 with 2 Hicaps at the moment until my 52 comes. One Cap is serviced the other is not. The serviced one sounds slightly better. Should the serviced Cap go Hicap 1 or does it not make a difference?. Thanks

I’d suggest just using one Hi-Cap (the serviced one) rather than the two this way. You may find it preferable.

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I have tried that already. 2 HCs is definately better than one. Elevates the already superb performance quite considerably.

Fair enough - I suppose swapping them over and seeing if you like the result is the only sure way to find out…

Bear in mid that each Hicap powers one channel. If you can’t hear a difference between L and R it suggests the un-serviced one isn’t in urgent need of a service. Empirically it mIght be worth ensuring that the one carrying the signal to the power amp is the ‘better’ one although I doubt that it will matter much either way.

Does it though :scream:?


That you are awaiting the arrival of a 52 suggests there might be a supercap in your possession. If so, try that on the 82, and if you prefer it to either one or two hicaps, then you can re-assign the hicap(s), or sell them.

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From trying each cap in each position it seems that Hicap 1 position is the one that affects the sound most.


No. Only on the 282. The 82 and 282 use different power rail assignments.

The 82 is split, partially at least, across left and right channels.

Which socket HC1 or HC2 is assigned to power the gain boards?

Both :grinning:

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