NAC 82 & flatcap 2

Hi all,
I have a flat Cap 2, I was wondering since it can drive 2 devices, and I just got a NAC 82, would it be worth buying an extra Interconnect and using both side of fc2 to connect to the 2 hicap connections on the 82?

I suspect the answer is dump the fc2 and get a hicap, but would like to hear if anyone has tried this.

As you have both give it a try. Even if you only have a single SNAIC5 see it should provide a small improvement.

Hi @Guinnless Yes i could potentially do that. But its a lot of work. I would have to go back to passive, nick the SNAIC from the hicap that powers the naxo and do the testing on the 82 after digging out the crossovers. Im after a shortcut :wink:

(The hicap always sounded best on naxo than on the 102, but i need to redo that testing again with the 82 - lots of testing I suppose)
Im really happy with the 82, after switch on last night, everything cold, and at a low volume, it sounded great, and has just got better this morning!

I wouldn’t use both outputs of a Flatcap 2 here. The Outputs are not quite the same - A is 24V and B is 22V (optimised for the analogue output stage of the CD5).

Arhh, good to know. Thanks @Richard.Dane

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