Nac 82 phono board issue

I recently installed moving magnet phono boards in my NAC 82. Set it up with moving magnet cartridge on my rega turntable. For some reason it sounds very washed out. Crunchy sort of. Definitely no issues with the turntable. I also have a stageline K and it sounds great going into a normal input on the 82( with moving coil set up on different turntable). I’m using those bnc to rca adapter things on the phono input. I’ve tested them on a different pre amp and they sound fine. Not sure what the issue could be. I’ve tried left and right inputs separately and they both make the same crunchy sound. Not sure why! Anyone else ever have this problem with using phono boards? Is there a common error when using these boards or maybe installing them i could have caused?? Let me know if there’s something I should check. Thanks!

Firstly, is your NAC82 is a later one and has it ever had boards fitted before? Were there any boards fitted to it that you had to remove before fitting the NA522 boards?

Are the boards pushed down onto the pins all round and securely?
They should poke though the boards a little way …

Hey, the line level boards were in there before and I’m 99.99% sure I tested them with something before putting the 522 boards in. I believe my 82 is from 1999 I’ll take some phots later today to see if maybe there’s something I’ve done wrong.

OK great. Yes, photos would be a help.

Here’s some photos. Not sure if they will help at all. But hopefully can shed some light if there’s a problem? I might put the line level boards back in just to try and see if there’s any issues with the Input without these boards.

Like input boards were sounding fine. Set up a complete different turntable, works fine now. Thanks gosh it’s not my boards. These are getting really hard to find out here in North America. One last question! Are All Naim phono boards compatible with different voltages? Would like to find the S model boards… thanks for all your help

OK, good news. For the NAC82 you need NA5xx phono boards. So a pair of NA523S MC boards will work fine. You can’t use NA3xx boards.

Hey Richard, all is good with the phono boards now, but I also run a hicap with a stageline K, all the sudden I’m getting Radio feedback through it. Even if I disconect the turntable from it, it still comes through. No other sources cause this with my preamp. just the stageline input from the hicap. Not sure why. Also wasn’t doing this a few days ago. Not sure what could have changed… Just curious if you might have any ideas. Thanks

Char, Naim don’t choke anything to stop RF (because you end up choking the music too) so it pays to ensure that placement and particularly cable dressing minimises any RF susceptibility.

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