Nac 82 riaa?

I have now started my evaluation of record players and first one became Goldnotes mediterraneo with Donatello red a high output mc-cartridge. When starting up I wanted to give the riaa in the 82 a chance to show it’s abillitys so I gave it a go.

Result was a very different sound to my Lejonklou Gaio. First thing is the very low gain. I can set the volume to 15:00 without it being to loud. It’s loud but that is extreme. The Gaio has more gain and the streamer can’t go beyond 09:00 before it’s to loud.

Secondly it’s as if sound in the midrange is Held back, a lot, compared to the Gaio. Sounds in the midrange still have detail but it’s as if the tone curve was like a banana, meaning lowered in the middle or something like that. I can’t quite understand the sound. It’s still sounding decent

The pre is well burnt in but I haven’t had a record player connected for any length since it was serviced.

What could cause this?

Do you know what phono boards are in the 82?

The 82, as with other Naim pre-amps of similar age, could be fitted with different types of phono board to match cartridge types. This involves opening the casework, clicking-in the boards and cutting some wire links (if memory serves).

You should never need to turn a Naim pre-amp to 3pm on the dial - this could suggest there are no internal boards fitted and you are simply amplifying a very low input signal without the Gaio in use?

Not right at all. Something is missing or not working. Even with incorrect mm cards you shouldn’t need 15:00 or 3 o clock position. My 82 doesn’t need even 21:00, 9 o clock with mc cards, or much above that with mm cards incorrectly fitted for an mc cart. The mm cards will need extra gain and sound flat but not to go all the way round to 3 o clock.

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It’s mm-Cards fitted and has just recently been to naim for service.

I don’t need 15:00 but I need 12:00 to make it a decent listening

Strange, I have tried mine with both a low output mc and a high output mc from Hanna to compare carts. Neither needed that much gain. Try the correct mc cart if you can get hold of a pair.

The cart is high output mc so are supposed to work fine with mm-riaa and does work fine with my Lejonklou mm.

I have no further ideas. Do you have a dealer nearby to check with? They may suggest something.

Thank you very much for sharing your ideas. I have a dealer but not selling Naim. However his company has done so in the past so he can likely help.

I have had another thought. The 82 has link connections underneath where the cards sit. They must be in place even when the phono cards are fitted. This is different to some other Naim removable card set ups, where those links have to be removed when the cards are fitted. Check that the links haven’t been incorrectly cut at some point in the past.

I’ll look in to that. Thank you again. I would think that Naim would’ve noticed it upon servicing it. But one never knows.

The links between the two boards must not be cut!

It may just be a poor match between cartridge and phono boards. I’ve never been much impressed with HO MC carts used with the NA322/NA522 or Stageline N MM phono stage. Gain is never quite enough and the sound tends to lack something. In many respects the MC E boards work better I feel.


Thank you! I suspect it is sounding as it should then and is a missmatch. A shame really as it would be sweet to use the internal boards as they are in place and have been serviced.

Maybe try another cart or just use the Lejonklou as I have it.

I don’t need to turn the dial to 3 p.m. but I can without the sound being earpiercingly loud which is strange in itself. However it now seems it’s how it should. The gain is low and a little to low driving a high output mc.

As said in the original post. It sounds decent even enjoyable. But something is kind of off. It might be burn in. It might be the riaa isn’t up to the task. Time Will tell I guess.

I have a high output mc. cart (Ortofon 2mv.) and it’s not ideal with 82 mm cards. Used to be very good with moving magnet Goldring and Decca carts.

Just an update. Opened the 82 up and checked the cards. They seem to be seated all the way down. When pressning down they remain as they were.

Also the links between the boards are intact.

When pulling the inards out I saw that one of the screws Holding the front plate wasn’t screwed in so I got a chance to fix that. Now the front plate is fixed in place as it should be.

Nothing bad that doesn’t…

Yup. I agree. I made the change from N to E boards about 2 months ago, in my NAC82, after buying a set of 523 S boards on The Bay and then getting then converted to E, by @Darran at Class A. Work very well, with my DV10X. As a bonus, the overall gain is more like it is with the CD input - so less chance of a loud surprise…!!

Its also not a particularly expensive change to make. Just needs a bit of effort… :thinking:

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It’s probably a bit more cumbersome when living in the dark, cold north😊

I feel for you. Hang in there. Spring is coming.

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