NAC 82, step up from a 202?

Hi forum.

I have recently replaced my NAC 202 Preamp, with a Nac 82 (1997)with a Hicap 2.
I have found a clear ,improvement in the music, more detail and texture. Would using a Napsc 2, rather than the original Napsc supplied with the 82, be of a marginal improvement, or are they suited to each range. The amp is a Nap 200 with Sbl Mk 2 speakers.



NAPSC only powers the lights on the 82 so probably no audible difference between the two NAPSC versions.

Back when the NAPSC2 had just been released there were a number here who thought the upgrade very worthwhile. The NAPSC2 is more than just a cosmetic makeover. All is new and improved.

Thank you for the replies.

I am going to try the Napsc 2, to compare the difference.
I will hopefully get the later NAC 282 at some point, in the future ,but wish to give the 82 a long ownership first. How do they differ, apart from the cosmetic side of things.
Also would a second Hicap make a improvement on the 82, or is a Supercap, the most gained upgrade by a margin.



Hi there
Current 82/ SC owner here, used to own 202 and 282 too so I know all pre amps fairly well

Other items
Supercap olive
NAP 200
Sopra n1 speakers

I have a relatively small and enclosed listening area so I find the 200 suffice for me , next upgrade would be 300DR if I can find one at the right price

The 82 is definitely an improvement over the 202, anytime, if you don’t mind a “Frankenstein” system (as in different generations of naim combined) then the 82 would also go very well with DR variants of power supplies

When I obtained a pre owned 282 I just couldn’t find the courage to get rid of the 82 (which was my first naim) - instead I sent the 82 for a pots 8 and a full serviced , and Guess what , sold off the 282 and kept the 82

Mind you it was probably due to

  1. sentimental reason
  2. 282 and 82 are pretty similar to warrant an “upgrade “ , my next upgrade can only be the 552 unfortunately

Oh and regarding the napsc - I still have my stock napsc1 and I also have the new napsc2

I use napsc 1 due to fear of damaging my 82

Note that napsc 2 seems to supply more voltage to the 82 and the lights seem to be… brighter with napsc 2? I heard you may actually damage the 82 if you use the napsc2 with olive 82 - can someone confirm this?

Napsc 1 = 16.5v?
Napsc 2 = 18v

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As to one or two hc’s with an 82, the forum is split on this tbh. My advice would be to listen before you jump to a second hc. I made the mistake of assuming it must be an improvement, but to my ears ( even though they were matched) I lost a little of the engagement the single hc gave, so sold it. Others have found an improvement in their system.
As to sc, again you must listen, but you will not be using all the rails of the sc in an 82, unlike to 52.

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I believe the NAPSC feed is regulated inside the 82. I have an 82/Supercap with its original NAPSC.

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I have an 82 and started with napsc and one hicap. Sounded amazing. The 2nd hicap improved things further quite a bit. I then sold the two hicaps and went for supercap 2. Bigger difference still. Had 82 serviced and made ‘special’ and am now very happy. Looking forward , only a 552 will make a big difference now. 52 or 252 will only be a sideways move to what I have!

Thanks for the info gents,

I am happy to have the different olive range and classic look, as I think that they are both superb visually. Always nice, to get a option of people, who have walked down a upgrade path ,and read to the outcome.


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For what it’s worth I have olive 82, chrome bumper 135s, supercap 2, NDS and 555PS all jamming together. So Naim Frankenstein system as some would say. To me they work beautifully together.

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Hi Dan,

Excellent to have a broad range of legacy products, all giving superb results, together in providing the naim sound.


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Dan, your system is a feast to the eyes on your rack :+1:

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Thanks @Annalogg. Lovely thing to say. You have a wonderful olive and black box based system I see. It’s good to have a mix me thinks. Thanks again.


I think the NAPSC powers the relays, too, so has an impact on the signal path. The newer NAPSC also enables a Powerline to be used, which I found made a very worthwhile improvement when I had a 282, as does a friend who uses an 82.

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Same here, I actually love my “Frankenstein” system, I do have friends who like to keep all olive or all black box just because they have OCD

The hi cap DR works fantastic with the Olive 82 - I used this combo for quite some time and was very pleased with the result

I did however eventually obtain a freshly recapped super cap non DR which to my ears sounded much better than a single HiCap DR

I tried two HiCaps at one time but due to their different age (both DR but one was newer than the other ) I find some kind of strange imbalance between the left and right channel , it was hard to describe but to me it sounded off

The single Supercap (with two dins to the 82) seemed to restore the balance

People have been asking this very question for years :grinning:

Yes, the 82 is split left to right so your observations are spot

So you don’t have 2 snaics connecting the 82 to the SN?

The 82 has been made special. So I can’t discuss it on this forum!

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