NAC 82 Volume control start position moved question?

Afternoon forum members.

I have noticed that the volume control position is not in it’s original position on my NAC 82 preamp ,as I think that the illumination of the knob was usually pointing to the volume lit wording on the front panel, when at the lowest start point. It now travels back past this point starting at around the five o’clock point ?.

The 82 volume control is functioning fine, with the remote control also.



Turn it fully clockwise, then a bit further. It should shift on the spindle and then be in the right place. If that doesn’t work you can pull off the rubber bit, the plastic front will drop off and can then be positioned correctly. Just don’t damage the little wires for the light.

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Hi HH.

Many thanks, for your reply and info.

I have done as suggested and the volume control is now realigned, as before.



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Marvellous. It’s a lovely low tech solution. It’s no fun having a misaligned knob.


Other than an excuse to pull it off (as advised above).


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Glad I got it sorted out here on the forum, rather than at my GP’s.

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