Nac 82 vs Nait xs as a pre?

Anyone compared the two as above, using a hicap (in to nap 250).

I haven’t heard either, but (on paper, at least) the 82 ought to walk it.

As was said of the late (and famously relaxed) Donald Dewar, when he became Scotland’s First Minister, he hit the ground strolling!

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No idea, but kinda intrigued about the other option, 82 into XS. Particularly if the XS is a 3, the improved output stage, if speakers are benign, might be interesting to try.

Also, why!? If you have all three units wouldn’t 82 into 250 be a no brainer? Or is the siren song of remote control irresistible?! (does the 82 have a remote?)

The 82 does have a remote. Although I rarely used it, it was a nice thing to have.

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Yeah, 82 has a remote. I’m just playing with some ‘spare’ kit. I have an xs2/hicap based bedroom system and a surplus cb250. I also have a complete 82 based system that I could borrow the 82 from. Devil makes work for idle hands. :thinking:

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I was asking as although I have no real intention to change my XS3, I do occasionally wonder what it would sound like fronted by a 72 or 82. If the improved power amp section of the XS3 wouldn’t actually be quite a nice thing with a separate pre feeding it.

Anyway, sorry, not my thread, but I’m sat enjoying a sunny morning, listening to a bit of Bowie, in a rare lull during the crazy weekend routine, and the devil made work for the idle hands :slight_smile:

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