NAC 82 with SN3

I have been lent a NAC 82 to try. I have a NAP 90 and Flatcap. However I’m also lucky enough to have the chance of trying a SN3 too. The SN3 is also paired with a Hicap DR. What I would like to do is use the Hicap to power the NAC 82, and use the SN3 as a power amp. Is this possible, and if so, could anyone clarify how I need to connect for my muddled old brain ?

Yes, this possible.

Connect the NAC82 to the HICAP DR using a SNAIC 5 via the LINK 1/HICAP 1 DIN5 socket on the NAC82 and the DIN5 on the HICAP. Then use a SNAIC4 to take signal from the HICAP (any of the DIN4 will do, but it’s good practice to keep signal paths as short as possible and use the one closest to the DIN5 if possible) to the Power Amp In socket of the Supernait.

Be sure that the NAPSC and the paddle link for upgrade 2 is connected to the NAC82.

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Thanks very much. I have the required SNAICs but need to wait for the link plugs (NAC82) to arrive.

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