Nac 82

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma, I have just replaced my 202 with an 82 and I’m feeling underwhelmed. Dare I say it but at the moment I’m thinking the 202 sounds better. Nothing has changed in the system just one in one out should I be experiencing a big step up?
The 82 was serviced in 2016.
Is there anything I can do?

I am genuinely surprised. Having had a slew of Naim kit, I think the 82/282 is the most undervalued pre in Naims range. Let it settle if you haven’t already and see if your ears adjust. Then swap it back and if you prefer the sound of the 202 then that’s your sound. There is no wrong decision, just a preference for a sound signature.


I went from a serviced 102 to an unserviced 82 and wasn’t underwhelmed. The realism to vocals was frankly amazing compared to the rather ‘forward’ 102. And then I gave it to Darran to be serviced…:slightly_smiling_face:

Is your HiCap serviced?

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You should give the 82 a good couple of weeks to settle down and get up to spec. It should outperform the 202 noticeably. In its time it was the second best control amp that Naim made.

And Guinnless may well be correct to suggest a service (and recap).

Good luck!

What does “shared power supply between CD and 82” mean in your profile?

I have a CD5 too, and love it, but some might say it could be the limiting factor at this point?

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It’s a non-Naim power supply that can power two items separately.
Because the 82 sounds quite thin/tinny with little bass, I have disconnected it from the second Hicap connection and only running one to see if that makes a difference.

I’d definitely not expect to see that description of the 82. I remember hearing it against the 102 I had and couldn’t go back. It was and remains an open and detailed sound. Bass is very good with even one HC.

Who serviced the 82?

Your ‘power supply’ may also have caused damage.

The 82 needs closely matching HiCaps if you wish to power all four rails.

Ah, genuinely sorry in advance if your post gets edited. The setup might be frowned upon.

If that’s how you had your 202 configured I’m not sure I’d expect a more negative impact on the 82, but at that point it gets really tricky for anyone to offer advice I think.

I have heard my own CD5 show progressively more of its capabilities from feeding a NAIT 3, through a NAIT 5, ending up via 202/200. During the same demo. It was interesting to hear how it sounded better at each stage. Not that that’s particularly useful!


I was a little underwhelmed when I got my 82 to replace my 102, but then when I sent the 82 off for a service, and put the 102 back, it sounded terrible, and couldn’t wait for the 82 to come back. So perhaps just try the 202 back again to check.

Hmm that doesn’t sound like an 82.

I’d stick with the Naim power supplies until you’ve got to the bottom of this. And make sure the NAPSC is well away from everything else.

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Naim serviced it in 2016

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Looking at your profile I would remove all 3rd party power supplies. Run the 82/HC/200 with the NAPSC placed away from the kit then allow things to settle. Also play with speaker position too.


Most definitely. I would note this advice because I’d not be surprised if this thread were edited, moderated or even deleted.


Yes, please could we respect and comply with forum rules here. Thanks.

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Yup. What he said. Restore to standard Naim config, ASAP. No cuddly toys here, pls…

(I went from a NAC102 to 82 and the difference was - IMO - huge. Much, much better. But… YMMV…)

Sorry Richard, it was just answering a question, thats was the only reason why it was mensioned.

I have removed everything and back to a standard set up.


Sorry again, my fault, I should have asked my question a better way.

How’s it sounding now?

Nac 82 is a Naim sweet spot. Should sound good with any power supply!

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