NAC A5 Cable

Good day. I was a member here for a while but have forgotten my username and password so re-registered.

I have two 6m lengths of NAC A5 which were bought in 1997 from Soundcraft in Ashford. There are no markings on them. I mean nothing at all. No name, no direction arrows. Nothing. They are unterminated.

I’m not sure if there’s likely to be any issue proving they are actually genuine Naim cable. I’m guessing nothing else is as stiff so anyone who knows the cable should be fine but I’m expecting people to ask. Any advice, folks?

Due to the rather slippery nature of the material used for the insulation on NACA5, the printing never stayed on particularly well on the earlier stuff - the black NACA5 being particularly prone. You may just be able to find some faint white printing somewhere along the cables.

As for proving it’s NACA5, nothing else with a similar look feels quite as stiff as the insulation is quite unique. Direction-wise, you may be able to figure it out by the orientation of the Naim plugs (assuming it was fitted with Naim plugs, of course).

The very early (1982) NAC A4 that I have, has no markings at all. That came later…

Assuming that you are asking this because you intend to sell them, if I was a buyer I’d be put off by the lack of direction markers. It’s worth taking a really good look as it would be a bit odd for them all to have come off.

The cable unfortunately had the Naim ( and other ) plugs removed when I changed my amplifier. It was re-plugged at Home Media in Maidstone a while back and no-one ever doubted it was NAC A5.

It’s definitely NAC because you could take a punt up the river with it. There are absolutely no markings at all on it. I can’t recall there ever being any although it was 25 years ago! Hmm…

When in doubt, I wouldn’t, especially with our Naim equipment.

Well I’ve had a look and can find nothing on it at all. It’s the slippy wiry stuff as stated by Richard and I can’t imagine how anyone could mistake it bu of course it might hamper me flogging it. The strange thing is that I don’t recollect there being any markings on it when new, though it isn’t the sort of thing I’d really have noted.

Maybe a photograph might help.

You imply you’re going to sell them and, for sake of argument, let’s assume eBay.

Yes, without markings or terminations, you’re going to have to accept not getting as much from the sale as you would for a professionally terminated and clearly marked up set. However, with prices having done what they’ve done since the late 90s, you might find you can sell it for more or less what it cost you 25 years ago which, of course, would represent a good profit in real terms! Have a look on eBay and Pink Fish to get a feel for current prices.

Your other option, of course, is to list it with an ‘ambitious’ Buy It Now price and leave it there for a while. You only need one person who’s desperate or doesn’t care about price.


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Thank you. As Richard said, there isn’t any other audio cable like it and when you handle it, there could be no doubt.

Anyway, I will post a picture this evening and you can see what you make of it.

If you are selling on eBay, I think an honest listing would serve you well. You have no reason to think your cables are NOT genuine. Just you cannot see/find the markings. My NACA4 leads would be the same… not that I am selling… :astonished:

I’m mindful that this thread is skating on the thin ice of forum rules. I’ve already had to make some edits…

For upgrade reasons I’m moving to Super Lumina and NACA5 you will not be missed !

Sorry Richard. My intention wasn’t to create an issue. I had really just to wonder if Naim had ever sold these without marks because I couldn’t find any.

I’m assuming the issue is to do with mention of auction sites and sales. I did ask for advice on how to proceed and I’ve got it. If you want to close the thread I’m fine with that. No rule-bending intended

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Don’t be too deferential son, the manufacturer needs us as much as we need them

Not sure they need me. The only piece of Naim gear I have left is the cable

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