NAC A5 or A4?

Hi everyone,

Quick question, which I’m sure you’ll be able to answer for me.

I recently bought what was advertised as second-hand NAC A5 via a well-known online auction site, as I needed some longer lengths of speaker cable following a recent house move.

The cable I received is narrower (14mm vs 16mm wide) and more flexible than my current runs of NAC A5 and has Naim Audio and the directional arrow printed on the edge of the cable, rather than in the middle.

So, my question is: have I actually been sold some NAC A4, or have there been different iterations of NAC A5 down the years?

If the former, then it could be a classic case of caveat emptor.

NACA5 should be pretty stiff, not easily flexible. If it’s unterminated then a look at the conductors should be telling - fewer and thicker on NACA5. If you’re concerned then take it in to your nearest Naim dealer who can check it and let you know.

My NACA4 had raised lettering moulded into the web between the two conductors. I’m not sure if perhaps later versions had it printed on, like NACA5 has?
The difference in stiffness is substantial.

My NACA4 has the lettering moulded in the centre web and states it’s A4. It’s also 14mm wide. Black colour.

Just to mention NACA4 was also supplied in an exciting shade of white.

Thanks for all the replies.
It’s definitely much more flexible than my other runs of NAC A5, so I think I’ll get it checked out by a dealer.

I also asked this question sometime ago and was told that NACA4 cable comprises 2-core (each core containing 54 strands of 0.3mm copper), whereas NACA5 comprises 2-core (each core containing 19 strands of 0.5mm copper). Both cables come in black and white colours.

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