Nac A5 Repair

I have a 5m pair of black Nac A5 that’s seen better days it came with a bolt down Nap 250 and some SBL’s that I bought a couple of years back it has one or two breaks in the sheathing where it had been pinned with cable ties.
I want to use it in a 2nd system and was wondering if it can be repaired Nac A5 is quite a simple cable without any fancy sheathing so would it be possible to just tape it up, the two breaks are no bigger than 5mm and are only in the coating the wire is unaffected.
I know it will work but will it compromise the sound.

I used black ‘Sugru- Mouldable Glue’ about £7 from you can guess where!
You knead it a bit with your fingers trim and blend it in - it sets fully after a while but works really well. It’s some sort of plasticised rubber material so should be insulating. Given the price of more cable it’s a good option. Good luck

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I suspect no change to the sound because of the damage as the electrical properties will be the same.

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That sounds a good idea I’ll check it out.

If you want it to match the cable, mix some graphite, charcoal or something similar with it.


its great honestly and semi flexible…not that naca is!

That would be 0.1% of the cable length at 5m that’s compromised. And really, we should probably be considering the surface. So at ~7mm (4mm2), assuming the crack is 1 mm wide (I imagine it’s less), we’re talking 0.014%,

I just can’t imagine that would audibly affect the sound in any way.

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