NAC A5 Speaker Cable Direction

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The white direction marker have rubbed off the cable, had it for about 25-30 years, I’m thinking that if I try it both ways and see which sounds best would tell me which way it should go. Also consider that if there is no difference that it don’t really mater. Using it from NAP 120 power amp to TDL studio 0.5 speakers in 3.6m runs.



Can you read the writing on it, I think that is the same direction as the arrows…
e.g. “naim audio” ---->

No theirs nothing left, of any markings, the marking where only white print would think with the cost there would be embossed like the linn K20.

are there naim plugs on both end? as the amp end will be orientated to match the amp outputs, not sure if naim speakers followed the same convention tho with +v’es and -v’es switched. does that help?

After 25/30 years any directionality would have been burnt out.

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Then you can turn it round for another 25/30 years and be back to new again :grin:


Maybe time to replace it, has my wive hates due to not being able to hind it around the corners of the fire place. Sure that’s why she cleaned off the markings, why would you polish speaker cables? Only became an issue due to lockdown decorating and needed to move the speakers and hifi



With your classic 120 amplifier the A5 really is the perfect cable. Can you tell the direction of it from where the bends used to be? Even if you’ve subsequently coiled it up it’s well nigh impossible to completely remove the bends.

No, being an engineer always keep a good bend radius around the corners don’t like to crease the cable. Looking at witch audio N2 cable to replace. Gets good reviews from what I can see, and not badly priced.

I just ordered the n2 I can’t stand NACA5 anymore it’s just too damn inflexible.

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Yes, I know what you mean. I had it bent round my fireplace for many years. I’m not an engineer so was quite happy with the 90 degree bends. When we had a new fireplace we had trunking installed underneath. By all accounts the Witch Hat is fine with older Naim and sounds ideal if you value floppiness over stiffness.

ooh err missus (could resist)

Ditto, just placed the order. looks to be a good alternative and will be fully out of sight. I did think of routing the cable under the floor in the cellar but wive was not harry about drilling holes through the floor

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