Nac a5

Have naim changed the specs on the NAC A5.?


What do you mean by ‘specs’, specs are generally meant as inductance & capacitance etc. & that hasn’t changed
Or do you mean is there a difference in the print or markings??

Hi I just seen a naca5 on ebay and the seller claims the cable is the newer specs for 2020.

Ahhh e-bay, 'nuff said.
I see one seller saying “Naim A5 Speaker Cable bang up to date 2020 spec”, best taken with a pinch of salt …
Specs have not changed for a few years, 4mm/2, 1uH/m, 16pF/m


Yes that the one. Cheers

I expect it’s had the special mk3 treatment, not many are aware of this

They only spec that’s changed is the RRP.

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The main thing to check is that it’s as stiff as a stiff thing. If so, it’s the real McCoy.

Having said that I bought two pairs of NAC A5 on eBay in the last month. Both pairs are genuine. The pair I bought from a Naim dealer were a third more expensive than the pair I bought from a random person with an uninspiring username.

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Pray tell!

myusername ?
notyou ?
isellonebay ?
cretin1 ?
redneck2 ?
catlady3 / catman3 ?
cheeseeater ?
whatdoitypehere ?
hesdeadjim ?

Sorry to thread deviate a little but I’ve just found a length of old Naim cable it’s black and has naim audio with an arrow printed in white on the side of the cable is it Nac A4 or 5?

The stiffness of A5 is unmistakable, that will tell you which it is.

A4 is relatively flexible - even after many years…

OK definitely A5 then.

A4 has lots of thin strands, A5 has less thicker strands. So A5 is stiffer… :neutral_face:

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